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October 7, 2010

Steve Marino


Q. Just talk about the round.
STEVE MARINO: Well, it was like two different players out there. I played not that great on the first nine, the back nine, and shot 3-over. It was pretty ugly.
And then hit it in close on 1 and 2 and made two birdies, and the key was I made like a 15-footer for par on No. 2 after I blew my first putt way by. I just played great on the front nine after that.

Q. Did the conditions have anything to do with that?
STEVE MARINO: I think so. When we teed off this morning, the first six holes on the back nine were brutal. It was cold, it was windy. They were playing long. It was tough.

Q. You're the first one off this morning. TOUR's never been to this course. What's your thoughts overall on the course?
STEVE MARINO: Awesome course. I'm really, really happy about it. I think everybody's going to love it. I've never been up here before, but it's in unbelievable condition. It's a tough test with the rough, narrow fairways. It's just a really awesome golf course.

Q. What do you think of the scores? I mean is 3, 4-under what guys are going to be looking at today?
STEVE MARINO: I think there's a 5, 6-under out there. I mean I shot 6-under on the front when the conditions calmed down, so I think somebody might shoot 5, 6, 7-under today.

Q. What are some of the things you've been working on? It's sort of been an up-and-down year for you.
STEVE MARINO: Right. You know, I've been trying to find my driver. I've been driving it all over the place. I haven't been hitting it as well as I was last year.
And I didn't drive it that great today. I think I might have hit six or seven fairways, but the driver is really killing me. I mean it's hard to make birdies when you're playing out of the rough all the time, and that's really what's been going on with me this year. I think my swing's just been a little bit off, and I've been having a hard time finding the form from last year.
But you know, hopefully this back side I played today will kind of bring me around.

Q. Have you changed drivers at all this year?
STEVE MARINO: No. I mean I've tried like a couple of different ones on the range and they all feel crooked. (Laughs).
But I mean I think it's just something minor. I think just one of those days I'm going to go to the range and it's going to be there and I'm going to start hitting it long and straight again.

Q. What's your schedule for the Fall Series?
STEVE MARINO: I'm going to play Vegas and Disney.

Q. How important is it -- a lot of guys are playing for Top 125 or Top 130. How important is it for you to get there?
STEVE MARINO: I mean it's pretty important for me. I mean I just want to start playing some good golf again. You know, I played great last year and the year before and really never struggled with my swing or my driver, and then this year I've been kind of lost, with the driver especially.
And you know, I'd just like to have some good tournaments, play some good golf and maybe get a win. I mean who knows, I might just start playing great and win one or two of these things, and that would make a very mediocre year a pretty good one.

Q. (Indiscernible).
STEVE MARINO: I think I'm just kind of -- I'm coming up and out of it, and I just haven't really figured out how to stop doing it. And when I don't do it, the timing's wrong. You know, it's just one of those things. It's just a little bit off, but it makes a big difference.

Q. Thank you.

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