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October 9, 1999

Lee Janzen


LEE PATTERSON: Good round. In good position for tomorrow. Just a couple thoughts about that and we'll take a few questions.

LEE JANZEN: That's really all I want any week is to just to have a chance on Sunday to be in position. First two days I played plenty well enough to be better off than I was, but I still managed to finish on a good note yesterday. I think that carried over to today. It was helpful. Right now I feel good enough about my game, if I make the cut, I can make it. My problem has been missing the cut.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: It's been a very strange year. I probably have gotten myself in position more times this year than any other year. I really don't have much to show for it.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: Maybe I just need to prepare myself better. I'm not going to panic or look at it as I'm on the downside of my career or there's something terribly wrong. I think maybe I haven't prepared myself properly.

Q. Are you talking about mental prep?

LEE JANZEN: Yeah, mental prep. I can think back to times when I won, I've become so involved with the next day's round, that's all I thought about from the time I finished the third day until the time I finished the fourth round. Then of course I'm exhausted for the next two weeks. Maybe I'm just trying to be more relaxed about it and not worry about it. Maybe I need to worry more, about some of the stuff.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: I did that yesterday. I don't know if that had anything to do with it. This morning, I had a knot in my back, I was really in pain. The fitness guys really helped me out. Worked on me for about a half an hour before I went to the range this morning. Felt like there was a big axe stuck in the middle of my back. Warming up wasn't too pleasant either. The warm-up, when I got to where I felt I could hit the ball, I was just going to put up with the pain. As the round went on, it went away. By the third or fourth hole, I think it was gone completely. Whatever it was they did, it was like magic.

Q. No return trip this afternoon?

LEE JANZEN: No. It was fun. It was fun. I think it helps. The Universal is better, a little faster.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: Started caddying for some guy named (inaudible) in Dunhill.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: He went home after the NEC, said, "I'll see you at Valderrama." They were going to do the patio on the back porch. Felt he needed to do that. Told me he was going to caddy at the Dunhill. I think he wanted to take a vacation.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: He didn't give me that indication at all.

Q. Is this your son?

LEE JANZEN: That's my son.

Q. What's his name?


Q. What did you think of Ronnie Black's two-putt at 18?

LEE JANZEN: That was awesome (laughter). He got up on the green, said, "They were laughing at me." "They'll be cheering for you in a minute when you 2-putt." They were. If you were in a bar and you had a bet with somebody that they couldn't 2-putt from anywhere, and they got to pick where they were, you'd pick where he was. He putted from there. Nearly impossible.

Q. Where was he?

LEE JANZEN: The back left of the green. There's like two different valleys. He had to go through one and back up to the top, then had a swing shot to the right, then die, then go down the slope. He did all that. Still left himself about an 8-footer that he made for 2-putt.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: 70 feet.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: About a hundred feet.

Q. How long was your putt?

LEE JANZEN: My putt was probably 45 feet. He was definitely more than 70 feet, you're right.

Q. Some interesting closes to your rounds the last two days.

LEE JANZEN: Uh-huh. What did I do the first day? I can't remember. Where did I finish the first day?

Q. 2-putted.

LEE JANZEN: I just 2-putted.

Q. What did you do yesterday?

LEE JANZEN: On my last hole, I holed a 3-iron.

Q. From how far?


Q. You talked about mental preparation for Sunday. What do you think you'll do, anything different the rest of today in terms of preparing for tomorrow?

LEE JANZEN: I think I just have to make a point to spend a little bit of time by myself to get in my head what I want to do tomorrow. Visualizing what you're going to do is usually just as good as practicing. You can't do it if you can't see it.

Q. How big was that putt on 18 for you? Looked like the last three holes the wheels were coming off.

LEE JANZEN: 15 I hit a perfect drive, a good second shot. But I just really misjudged the hill in front of me. The rough in front of me caught my ball on the way up.

Q. It hit the hill?

LEE JANZEN: Yeah. The hill was -- it wasn't substantial. I just didn't take it into account. I couldn't believe it. When I hit it, I heard it catch the rough, went, "Oh, No. " I put a spin on it, rolled into the rough. Didn't really have much from there.

Q. Just too slopey in there to get it to the green?

LEE JANZEN: Yeah. Such a downhill lie, it was very thick. I swung as hard as I could from 60 yards, and I was still ten yards short of the green. Had my drive been two feet to the right in the fairway, I wouldn't have had to go over that hill. I probably would have been on the green. I hit the ball exceptionally well today. By my account, I missed only four shots all day.

LEE PATTERSON: Maybe go through your card.

LEE JANZEN: 3-wood, sand wedge, 15-footer on 1. No. 3 I hit the driver, 3-iron, eight feet, 2-putts for birdie. Bogey on 4. I hit the driver, 8-iron and 3-putted from 20 feet. Second putt wasn't very far either, two feet maybe. 6 I hit driver, pitching wedge, five feet. 7 I hit driver, 3-wood, and 2-putted from the right fringe, which is probably about 40 feet. 10 I hit driver, 7-iron, about ten feet behind the hole. 11 I hit 3-wood, pitching wedge, about 20 feet behind the hole. 14 I hit the driver, pitching wedge, four feet. The bogey on 15, I hit my driver, going for the green with a 3-wood, caught the rough and the hill in front of me. I ended up on the downslope of that valley on the right, 60 yards from the green. Hit that short of the bunker, then chipped about eight feet and missed it. On 18, I hit the 3-wood, 8-iron, about 45 feet.

Q. Pretty decent save at 16 in there, too?

LEE JANZEN: Yeah. 16, I slipped a little bit on my tee shot. Might have been a bit frazzled bogeying on 15. I know on the tee I thought I'd ever make bogey. I pushed my drive. Where the pin was, that was the worst spot in the world it could go. My ball was against the car path. Because it was against it, I couldn't hit it. I had to drop it up the hill further into where I didn't want to be. I hit 140, 8-iron, just try to hit it as high as I could to the right. Luckily it was somewhat of a flyer, which means it didn't hook as much, went pretty straight, hit the bank short of the green. Uphill lie, uphill chip to the pin. Wasn't an easy shot, but not a bad spot to be. That was all I was hoping to do, get it to the upslope of the green. Left myself about an 8-footer. Made it. Great time to make that putt for par. 12 was pretty good for par, too. I had a perfect tee shot, sand-filled divot. It was sort of against the edge of the divot. Wasn't a very good lie. I hit a 9-iron into the front bunker. Two bunkers. I came up about 20 yards short. I got it in. I got it down from there. Made about a 10-footer.

Q. (Inaudible) on 16?

LEE JANZEN: There was a mosquito. Probably picked it up in the woods. Biting me right back here.

Q. Sounded like all things considered you were relatively happy with your game these last two days. What was the difference today? Was it just the putts were dropping? Was there any real difference in your game?

LEE JANZEN: I felt like it was just mental. The last two days, the mistakes, I didn't concentrate well the whole way through. I just challenged myself to concentrate on every shot today. That sounds pretty simple, but I have not been able to do that. My mind has been wandering out there far too often.

Q. Just this week?

LEE JANZEN: No, my whole life (laughter). It comes and goes. Some weeks I can concentrate, some weeks I don't.

Q. You were a fairly late addition to the field here. Was this on your schedule the whole time? Was it last minute?

LEE JANZEN: I like coming here this time of year. I wasn't sure if I was coming or not. I hadn't ruled it out, but I was really hoping I'd be in the Top 30 safely. It's a long year. You've got to take a break somewhere. I was hoping. We had a wedding in Orlando last week, my wife's daughter got married. I was hoping to have last week off and this week off to sort of recover. But I'm glad I'm here.

Q. Going back to the mental preparation. What you'll do is you'll isolate yourself and carefully set up every hole and shot you'll play tomorrow?

LEE JANZEN: Yeah. I just need to go through the holes, know how I'm going to play them, what I'm doing.

Q. How long will you spend?

LEE JANZEN: 15 minutes, half hour. Not very long.

Q. Then you can go out and have a steak and enjoy yourself?

LEE JANZEN: Stay out all night, get drunk (laughter). No.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: If someone would hypnotize me into playing my best golf, I'd do it.

Q. Kind of odd to say that you've had problems with your mind wandering. Certainly when you were playing the US Open, looked like you had about as much concentration as anybody out there.

LEE JANZEN: Yeah. I do have days where I'm so focused, just about anything can happen around me and I don't notice it. Other days I notice absolutely everything. That's been my whole struggle, to figure out why those days happen and what I can do to eliminate those days.

Q. I watched you play the closing holes. The tee shot at 16 (inaudible), beating yourself up that day. Does that help you?

LEE JANZEN: Sometimes. I did it a lot in college, my first yours on TOUR. Usually it fired me up to come back. I'm not really trying to put myself down to where I'm down in the dumps about it. It's just more of a pep talk, more of like a football speech at halftime.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: No. I'd never say that to anything else, the things I say to myself.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: Depends on what they do out there. I was looking at the board when I was on 18. I saw Begay was 8-under. There is a chance if he plays the backside well, he can get to 10 or 11. I was hoping I would get one shot better on that last one, one less shot I'd have to make up tomorrow. What's the forecast for tomorrow?

Q. Possibility of rain.


Q. May come in a little early. When they pushed up the tee times, they had no rain.

LEE JANZEN: Pushed up tee times, didn't rain at all?

Q. Yeah.

LEE JANZEN: I'd rather see them do that than like at The Masters. They absolutely knew it was going to rain late in the day, didn't tee the leaders off until late in the day.

Q. Who was the wedding for?

LEE JANZEN: My wife's daughter.

LEE PATTERSON: Anything else? Thank you.

End of FastScripts….

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