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October 5, 2010

Chris Stroud


Q. Chris, big week for you last week, nice playing, and a pretty good jump up the Money List. Just comment on the Viking Classic.
CHRIS STROUD: Always a great tournament. Annandale played -- it was a bear last week, played very, very difficult. Very firm, very fast, a little windy. Greens were probably the best I've seen in four years on TOUR, very happy with the play.
Being the bubble boy last week it was very important for me to play well. Played great, putted well. Only the second time on TOUR in four years that I went left-hand low and I putted great. I was fourth in overall putting.
So very happy with my results, and I'm just going to keep doing the same thing, I'm playing very, very well right now. I plan on playing them all. I'll play Sea Island this week and go all the way through until Disney. Hopefully make as much money as I can and hopefully end up way up on the Money List, maybe finish Top 70, Top 30.

Q. Not a bad place to play this week. Have you played here before?
CHRIS STROUD: I actually used to live here.

Q. Oh, did you?
CHRIS STROUD: I lived here for two years straight out of college, and I lived -- it was unbelievable. They took care of me. They let me play and practice out here, and I played on the Goodrich Tour at the time. And our nickname out here is Heaven. So every time I come over here we call it Heaven.
We love the place. It's amazing. I'm very happy to be here. The weather's going to be amazing at this place. I can't wait.

Q. Comment about the golf course, Seaside?
CHRIS STROUD: I actually haven't seen it yet.

Q. Okay.
CHRIS STROUD: But I have high expectations. I know the people here are -- they're going to be very excited -- they want this to be the cream of the crop. They want this to be the best tournament they can make it, and it is going to be exceptional.
And I've already heard some things that the golf course is in amazing shape. So I look forward to playing it today. I'm going out there right now.

Q. Do you typically like playing these types of courses?
CHRIS STROUD: I just like being on the PGA TOUR. That's the most important thing, playing with the best players in the world, being with the network of people out on the PGA TOUR is amazing. I'm just blessed to be out here, and I'm very happy I have a chance to play.

Q. Keep it going this week.
CHRIS STROUD: Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.

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