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October 4, 2010

Darren Clarke


Q. Give us your thoughts on what's been an interesting day.
DARREN CLARKE: Been a very interesting day, hasn't it. I think the Americans came out firing, like we all expected them to do. But maybe similar to Brookline a few years ago where they played really, really well and all credit to them for doing that on Sunday. Thankfully we had the strength and depth on this team that we managed to hole down.
And then it doesn't come down to one player in the course of three days, but overall, G-Mac's birdie on 16 there, that's just huge, one of the most difficult holes on the golf course with that amount of pressure, brilliant.

Q. Rickie fouler birdied the last four holes, how do you guys produce that sort of golf under that sort of pressure?
DARREN CLARKE: You just do. You just play and you go through -- you stick to your routines. I think that's the biggest thing under pressure, you stick to your routines. Rickie is a huge talent and he has a massive future in front of him. You'll see huge battles between the likes of him and Rory and Ryo Ishikawa. There are really good players coming through. They are fearless and want to putt themselves in the position where it makes a difference where it hurts, but if you don't come through, you've got some fantastic young talent in the world of golf at the minute.

Q. What did Rory prove to himself today?
DARREN CLARKE: Yeah, you know, he's hugely talented, Rory, that goes without saying. But he's got to learn. He's young and he's got to learn, and this has been another great learning experience for him. You're right in that he had been disappointed with what had happened on 18, but to be able to gather himself on 18 there and get it up-and-down out of the bunker the second time, I that will stand him in good stead. He knows that the Ryder Cup is no exhibition match. He knows the rules now. He knows what it's all about, and he's going to be part of it for a long time in the future.

Q. It's a big team, The European Team; a word for the caddies?
DARREN CLARKE: I think everybody, the caddies were amazing this week. I think everything, the caddies, they worked tirelessly, in tough conditions like this, they have been fantastic, not just the European side but both the American side, as well. It's a long, tough week out there and this is one of the weeks they don't get paid, they don't get rewarded for it.
But I think all credit to Monty for everything he's done this week. He's created a massive team atmosphere, fantastic team atmosphere and he's got the best out of his players. The way he's gone through everything has been meticulous, but this is what you have to do for the future. He has been sensational.

Q. The K Club Ryder Cup was called Darren's Ryder Cup; this comes close, doesn't it?
DARREN CLARKE: That's very kind of you to say, I don't know, but this has been amazing, and for it to come as close as it did I think that shows an awful lot of respect for the American players to come out and do what they have done today. Especially after the way the Europeans played yesterday in the session, but it's been a very, I think, overall, a very successful Ryder Cup in terms of European perspective. But I think in trying weather conditions and everything, I think we have had a fantastic spectacle and how many millions of people watching around the world. I think they are probably sitting on the edge of their seats like we were.

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