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October 3, 2010

Peter Hanson

Miguel Angel Jimenez


Q. Peter, try to describe for us how it feels to win your first Ryder Cup point?
PETER HANSON: It feels great. Miguel helped me out a little bit here in the end. He hit two fantastic 3-irons on 16, 17, just fantastic.

Q. There's always a turning point, and yours was the putt at 16. Tell us about that one.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIM√ČNEZ: That putt is very important to get back again to 1-up. But you can't have to forget the birdie he made on the 15th, it's very important, it's crucial, because we both missed the fairway and they tied the match at that point. And then on the 15th, they both played for eagle and we both missed the green.
I made a good shot there, but he made an unbelievable shot from the edge of the water, and put it to like four feet or something like that. That is a very, very valuable point, and, well, I think we matched perfect together.

Q. How loud would the cheer have been in Sweden when he holed that putt?
PETER HANSON: I don't think as loud as here to be honest. This is amazing playing here. I have to say, playing in front of this crowd all the way from the first tee feels great.

Q. One word to sum this crowd up for us please?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIM√ČNEZ: Fantastico. Beautiful.

Q. One last question, how much did Captain Montgomerie inspire this comeback?
PETER HANSON: He has. We talked a lot about it yesterday in the team room. It was a key thing to get out yesterday and be aggressive and keep playing. And unfortunately he made an early eagle, Jeff holed a really nice 9-iron and wedge, we got a little behind and felt like we lost our lead a little bit and then had a great chance to get back on 10 a little bit and both got very close and didn't take those chances but Miguel like Miguel said, the turning point was to make that birdie on 15 and hit that fantastic birdie on 16.

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