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October 3, 2010

Matt Kuchar

Phil Mickelson

Steve Stricker

Bubba Watson

Tiger Woods


Q. Your thoughts heading into Sunday.
BUBBA WATSON: Well we are going to Monday for the first time in the history of Ryder Cup. What are we down? We are down three points. U.S. has won a few years back. It's possible. It's doable. A lot of us are playing great but just not winning. You can struggle and your partner can pick you up and today they all played great. You know, they dominated us today but tomorrow is a new day and there's still a chance.
Me and Overton never made putts. We hit a lot of great shots. I played great and I think I went bogey-free and just never made the putts.
MATT KUCHAR: We seemed to take advantage of a lot of opportunities, whether we converted pretty well. It's a tight match and it came down to the guys hit a great wedge on the last hole and made birdie. I knew it was going to take a birdie for us to win the match. I knew it was going to take a birdie just to halve the last hole, and I just came up a little short.

Q. Looking at that scoreboard, three points down, and the U.S. in the past has done well in this type of situation, what's it going to take tomorrow individually for yourself?
MATT KUCHAR: Certainly some good play. I've been pleased I've kind of gotten better every day. I'm pleased with Stewart and I paired up pretty well together, took two of three points, and I feel like it's been a good performance I put in, and I feel like it's getting stronger.
But I know we have to be able to continue to do well in the singles.

Q. How far was the putt on 18?
MATT KUCHAR: 25 feet maybe.

Q. What's your observations on the start you guys had?
TIGER WOODS: Well, they got off to a great start, birdied the first three holes on us, and we can only answer on one hole. So unfortunately that was -- we thought we got a little bit of momentum with that big birdie at 9 last night, but it just didn't turn out that way.

Q. Tomorrow, it's been the U.S. has done well in history and it shows it, do you feel like you can do it?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely, we have done it before and no reason why we can't do it again.

Q. Seemed like no matter what you guys did, they were able to get the point when they needed it.
STEVE STRICKER: They seemed to make every clutch shot. You know, they just played better than we did today I guess, bottom line, in every match. But the thing is, it's not over yet. We have got 12 more points to be had, and it's a big day tomorrow. We are 3-down, it's three matches that can even us up really quick. We are going to need a special day tomorrow, but it can be done.

Q. You've been through this before as a veteran.
PHIL MICKELSON: Well, the team fought hard today and we were down in every match heading out and we played really tough golf and got back in a lot of them. And unfortunately, our lead is now a deficit. Heading into tomorrow, though, we have a team that's playing some pretty good golf, and nobody in this group is playing poorly. We just haven't played well enough yet to win our matches.
I think tomorrow's singles is going to come down to one of the last few matches. I think that we are going to be able to make up some ground early. We are going to try to close the gap and see if we can make a run at this.

Q. There have been special days in the past.
PHIL MICKELSON: There have been special days and we are going to need another one.

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