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October 3, 2010

Stewart Cink

Rickie Fowler

Dustin Johnson

Zach Johnson

Hunter Mahan

Jeff Overton


ZACH JOHNSON: We really didn't want to go down like that, but we generally played quite well. Hunter and I gave it our best. Unfortunately, we fell short.

Q. You can really push the other guys coming through the last few holes.
ZACH JOHNSON: Exactly. It's a team game, so I'm here pushing these guys as best I can. They are making some nice turns right now and it's always good to see.

Q. Not what you wanted, but still got singles and you can still cheer on your teammates.
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, we just didn't play great. They played very well. We are just trying to play golf right now and not worry about somebody else. But we are looking good.
JEFF OVERTON: I made it close again and I made it for eagle, and it looked like we had a run and we got back, and they ham-and-egged it so well. If I make it, it putts the pressure on them and then we had Bubba hit, so he makes it, and it's a whole momentum swing. We played well. It's just tough whenever the other guys play just a little bit better.
It's really cool. You want to make the thing so bad just to see everybody run out and jump and scream and everything, and you know, it's just unfortunate that it wasn't our day today. You know, it just wasn't our day. They played really well.

Q. You still have a chance in singles.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Oh, yeah, we are not too far back. It was a rough day for us, but we did come back and play hard in all our matches. I think everybody is playing good golf. So we just need to go out there tomorrow and have a good afternoon and we want to get this thing back.

Q. It really is all about momentum and they really had it today. Obviously, if one guy goes out, the Americans play well, you can really feed off that, can't you?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, if we get our early matches going our way quick, you know, it changes.
STEWART CINK: It was good to hang on at the end. It was -- Matt really played well today, and I was there for when I needed to be. But we didn't to it quite enough to really pounce on the other team and it was a tight match, all the way to the 18th hole again for me and Matt, but it was fun for both of us.

Q. Your halve point may matter --
STEWART CINK: Well, I hope it does. Let's put it that way, that halve point we got in the afternoon, I hope that matters.
You know, it's going to be an important first four or five matches tomorrow, especially. They are all going to be important. Because you know, the first four guys go out and win, then that puts the importance on the last halve.
So every match is going to be important. We just need to go out there and stay in the moment and take our time and grind this thing out, because everybody on the team, I think, down to the last guy is playing pretty well.

Q. Obviously you didn't do as well as you wanted to, but seven and a half points, what's it going to take tomorrow? And what really happened today?
RICKIE FOWLER: It was tough. We came out after yesterday, having to start the matches, and we were down in every match. It was nice to see the guys fight. Obviously we came back in some matches, and fortunately we got a halve a point, which is better than it looked coming out of yesterday's matches.
Proud of the way the guys played. The way I look at it, we are in a good position that we haven't won over here in a long time. So the guys are fired up, and I think all of the guys are playing really well.
Really, if we get the first guy out running, it all goes from there.

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