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August 2, 2001

Lee Janzen


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: We'd like to thank Lee Janzen for joining us for a few minutes here in the interview room. Great round today. No bogeys. Ended with an eagle and a birdie. Why don't you make a couple of comments and then we'll go into questions.

LEE JANZEN: When I was driving in from the Pro-Am yesterday, we got stopped by the rain. I was just scanning through, the program, and it has all of the stats each year of the winners, and I realized I made more bogeys the year I won than any other winner. So, I thought it would be nice to go out and make a lot less bogeys this time around. I thought it would be little easier than having to come back and make eagles and birdies. I feel very fortunate to get 17 points, as somewhat unexpected. Not that I was not trying to make the points out there, but I haven't really played particularly well in a while, and I was just hoping to get back in some sort of rhythm and get off to a decent start. I would have taken probably six to eight points today and been happy.

Q. I remember the year that you won here, the last day and you finished really strong on those last few holes on the back nine. Do you have a special liking to those holes?

LEE JANZEN: I think 17 is always -- you know, everybody knows that they can always make some sort of move there, a chance to make an eagle. Even into the wind, it is reachable. 14 is a short hole and 15 is another par 5. So you have a chance to finish strong. I've seen guys do it. Sometimes you do it and sometimes you don't. I drove the ball in the fairway every hole today, and I think that helped me to be in position to make, you know, some chances to make birdies and get myself a lot of opportunities to make putts.

Q. You've talked about you haven't been playing well this year, does it help to come back to a place that you've had success, just an emotional thing?

LEE JANZEN: I have had success. I haven't played that well since '95 when I won, and part of that, I think is, you know, the spin rate, launch angle thing with the driver all that has been a big issue the last few years. I think players have figured out how to get more yardage, and I think I had a great combination of that at sea level, but coming here I struggle because my ball would not stay in the air. It took me a few years to figure out my ball would not stay in the air because it is not spinning enough. I just tried to make a couple of adjustments before I came this year, and I was interested to see how it was going to work out. I think the course is playing more what I expected to play like, than struggling to keep the ball in the air.

Q. With the changes on the course, do you find it more difficult? There were some really good scores today.

LEE JANZEN: The eighth hole and 14th hole I think are the most significant. The back tee on 8 is going to make the hole almost unreachable for almost everybody, unless it is downwind or somebody is really long. It is better than the original tee because guys can go for it. The format is built around being aggressive and trying to make eagles; and the tee on 14, nobody is going to want to mess with the water. But the tee was up there, too. I went for the green today and hit it over, with the tee back on 14, I think, you know, eagle is almost ruled out. Those two changes, I think it's going to make it tougher to score. As long as the tees are up, I think the eagles are still in play.

Q. Are you surprised that they went to lift, clean and place, and how significant is it? Is that the reason why they have got all of these low scores?

LEE JANZEN: Probably has a lot to do with it, because you're not going to have mud on your ball. The fairways are softer because of the rain and so they are easier to hit, and the greens are a lot softer than Tuesday and Wednesday and I think with the threat of rain, I think it's a good move. The course is in good shape we probably could have played it down today. There was some wet spots. Any more rain tonight with a delay, if it gets too tight, the guys tomorrow morning would have a big disadvantage trying to play under wet

conditions, and this is probably the best way to make sure we get our 36 holes in as soon as possible and then we can move on from there.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: And, you know, the tournament is -- just any time you get a chance for a legitimate eagle, you know, you've got to make a 20-footer. But I certainly wanted that putt more than probably usual. You always want to make an eagle if you have a chance, but knowing that it is five points, sort of spurs you on. And then 18, I hit the good drive, and 6-iron and left myself about 12 feet just short of the hole on the front of the green and just left of the hole a little bit. Birdied 2. I hit a rescue club off the tee and I can't remember what club I hit to the green. I think it was a 9-iron. -- guess I'm ready for the Senior Tour, I'm forgetting. (Laughter.) I think it was a 9-iron. I hit it past the pin about 30 feet. Then the second hole, I hit a driver and a 8-iron about three feet. 7, I hit an 8-iron and made about a 15-footer. 9, I hit a 3-wood and a 6-iron behind the hole about 15 feet. 14, I hit a good drive and a 3-wood just over the back edge. Pin is back left and I hit it straight past the pin and chipped down to about six feet and made that.

Q. What's been the problem with your game in recent weeks, and did you have any inkling that it was starting to come around before today's round?

LEE JANZEN: I don't think it was actually the physical part of my game, as much as it was my physical wellness. I was not feeling 100%. Although, I felt good enough to still play. So I didn't feel well, and I knew something wasn't right so I went hope and took three weeks off, saw the doctor and had a physical and everything. Energy-wise, I just needed to lie off the things I was eating and detox for a while, and I've increased my energy quite a bit and feel a lot better. That's why I've decided to play this week. In two or three more months time, I am going to feel even better. I'm looking forward to the day when I feel like I've got more energy than I know what though do with. I don't know how long I had not felt 100%, but it definitely affected my concentration over the last few tournaments.

Q. Was it a diet thing?

LEE JANZEN: Yeah, I guess so. Probably everybody, you know, the way I'm eating right now, I don't think anybody could eat like that for very long. I've eliminated sugar and dairy and bread and anything that has yeast in it for my diet.

Q. Did you have any inkling before this round that --

LEE JANZEN: I had a pretty good week at home. It was a relaxing time to be at home with my family. I worked out and got stronger. Started feeling better every day. Practiced on my game, and I could see it coming around, and so I came here feeling pretty good, even considering that the last tournament I made a check in was Memorial. But I played pretty well for March and April, and I played decent at Memorial. So really most of the year I played pretty well, just a couple things here and there kept me from playing better. I feel like I can get back on my game pretty quick, and I wasn't expecting to go out and have a day like today, but I felt like this tournament would help me get back in the groove, and maybe by the PGA, I would be closer to playing well. I think today was just a bonus.

Q. (Inaudible.)

LEE JANZEN: This is the hardest course to walk on Tour, and I had more energy coming up 18 than I've had in years. Maybe I'll do a 100-yarddash when the tournament is over on Sunday. Want to race me? (Laughter.)

Q. How long did it take you to go to a doctor? How long has this been coming on, and did you think this kind of thing would work when it first was suggested to you?

LEE JANZEN: I was devastated when somebody told me I could not have any ice cream. I was looking forward to having a milkshake here. Starting at the Byron Nelson my stomach was bothering me and I went and saw a GI and he told me I'm lactose intolerant, and he said I have been all my life, but I'm 36 years old; I thought I would have known before now. So I tried to lay off dairy for a while, and then it didn't seem to get any better and so I went to another doctor and he did a full physical. It was a combination of the dairy and the sugar. You know, there's sugar in all kinds of things, I could not believe it, all of the things that have sugar.

Q. (Inaudible.)

LEE JANZEN: He said three months, but I think if I do exactly the way he says for a month, I'll be okay. (Laughter.)

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: You'll be able to have a milkshake at the end of the week.

LEE JANZEN: He probably tells people three months because he knows they will cheat a little bit, but I have the willpower to do what he tells me to do. I got one for my caddie, but there will be no milkshakes for me.

Q. What is a typical meal like --

LEE JANZEN: This morning I had eggs and potatoes, oatmeal. I'm making sandwiches for myself. I had to get this special tortilla that does not have any wheat in it or yeast or flour and just make sandwiches, put them in the bag and eat them on the course. I can have all the vegetables I want and all of the meat I want, chicken, no pastas.

Q. (Inaudible.)

LEE JANZEN: But I've lost weight. Everybody is asking me what I'm doing. I would not suggest this diet. There's probably a better way to lose weight.

End of FastScripts....

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