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October 2, 2010

Colin Montgomerie


COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Rory's game and McDowell's game was most important, 2 1/21 1/2 is okay, it's a fraction, it's a fraction. If we get a good start here and we win the first couple of games here, we get the lead now and we get this crowd going, this crowd are ready to go now and it's up to us to do it, right. Fantastic to have Olazábal on call here now, fantastic to have him.

Q. Going to be a big afternoon?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, yeah, very big afternoon, yeah.

Q. Can you clear up the confusion on the first tee?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: The caddies were offered the revised pin sheet and didn't take it. Something not quite right there. A shame for them, the Molinari brothers, tee off on the first hole in their first Ryder Cup and don't know where the pin is, but it's quite obvious, it's not a blind shot.
It's okay, they can get on with it. But a good birdie by the Americans to win the hole and then they got it back to square. They are doing okay and I am very comfortable with them. They have been great in the team room and they have been super all over these grounds the last four days.

Q. Give us your thoughts on the morning and morning play and the result as it was, 2 1/2 to 1 1/2.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, it beats 3-1, that's for sure. There's no question there. 2 1/2-1 1/2 in the first game; 3-1, you'd better win two. Big result of Rory McIlroy's game, super putt he hit at the 17th, just unfortunate at the last hole, he kind of made it easily. He was telling me afterwards, he could have made it easily but just caught it heavy with his second shot. We usually like a slight upslope with a 3-wood and he found it. He just caught it a bit heavy unfortunately but marvellous to come back from 2-down with seven to go last night and to get something out of that game. That was vital for us.

Q. In a word, are you going to get the momentum back your way quickly?

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