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April 18, 2002

Lee Janzen


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: We'd like to thank Lee for joining us. A great day out there. 7-under -- 6-under par, 65. Why don't you share a couple of thoughts on the round and then we'll go to questions.

LEE JANZEN: I probably think the biggest difference was that A, I made putts, and I have not been making putts. I felt all along this year whenever I made putts I was going to shoot a good score. And I made some today. I'm not surprised that I shot a good score, because I made some putts.

Q. Is it easier to make putts because these greens are so flat, relatively speaking?

LEE JANZEN: When you're not putting good, you try so hard that straight putts even drive you crazier. I've been working on my putting. I putted better last Friday. I missed the cut at Augusta. And I felt my confidence was growing. So I'm not surprised I putted well today. I halfway expected to putt well. After I made a couple then I started really gaining some confidence that I would make some more.

Q. How inviting were the conditions out there today?

LEE JANZEN: I played yesterday afternoon, and the course was a lot softer. So I'm assuming they watered the course last night, I'd say fairly heavily, because the greens were a lot softer. I'd like to see them play harder and faster. But as long as they're the same for everybody. If they water again tonight, it will be the same for us tomorrow afternoon. As long as it's fair for everybody. But I'd like to see them stop watering.

Q. Is it in a position now if they stop watering, it could get harder as the week goes on?

LEE JANZEN: Yes. That would be great. The front pins, you wouldn't be able to get near the hole. And your drive would have to be that much straighter, because they would run out of play on my miss hits or any off-line shots. It just makes you play more shots, and you've got to be that much better on your shot making.

Q. How good a round could somebody shoot out there, given the conditions, soft greens?

LEE JANZEN: The wind is starting to pick up now, you never know, those guys are pretty good. So somebody could shoot better than 9 under. The greens are -- they're much better to putt on now than they were on the past. Not that they were terrible before, they're just better now. If you're putting good, you can make putts on every hole. The greens aren't very big. If you're on the green ,you're not too far from the hole.

Q. How much better could your round have been today?

LEE JANZEN: You know, a couple of shots here or there. I made a bogey. If I could play four rounds here without hitting a tree, I'd almost guarantee a victory (laughter.) You're going to hit some trees -- I hit three trees and shot 65 today. If you can shoot 65 and hit three trees, I'm sure Davis probably hit a tree today.

Q. What's your average on trees per round?

LEE JANZEN: I haven't kept track of that. Every year I come thinking this is the year I'm going to go four days without hitting a tree, they stick me on 10 and I'll hit a tree on 11. It doesn't take long.

I started on 10, driver and 7-iron and birdied from about 12 feet.

My only bogey was on 13. I hit a 3 off the tee, and hit that large pine tree that's on the right side of the fairway, and went behind it in the rough. And I just chipped out, knocked it on, and made a bogey from 30 feet.

Bogeyed 14, hit an 8-iron about 20 feet -- no, it was probably 15 feet. And my next birdie was on number one. I hit a driver, 9-iron five feet.

The next birdie was on No. 2. I hit a driver and a 3-wood in the front right bunker, and blasted out to six feet.

Then I birdied No. 5. I hit a driver and 3-iron just short of the green, chipped up and made it a couple of feet.

And No. 6 I hit a 3-wood, an 8-iron and made a 15-footer.

No. 9 I hit a 5-iron off the tee, and hit a wedge to the green and made about a 15-footer.

Q. Which trees did you hit?

LEE JANZEN: Hit the tree on 13, and I pulled off the tee on 15, I had to go through some trees there. My drive is a lot shorter than the other guys, so I'm assuming I hit some trees. And I hit the green on 2, I hit a fade 3-wood. Otherwise I think I would have been on the green or just over it. I don't think I hit any other trees. No, I nicked a tree on 7. I hit four trees today.

Q. Is that your high tree round here?

LEE JANZEN: I haven't really kept track of that. I know you could hit a tree on virtually every hole. I think there's less trees now than there were before. So it's probably getting easier to miss them now than it was before.

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