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October 2, 2010

Luke Donald

Ian Poulter


Q. Tell us about that tee shot.
LUKE DONALD: Well, it was a little 4-iron from 196 I think. And just came off just right, just the way I saw the shot, and I guess that's why we practise, to pull off shots in those kind of situations.

Q. Ian, tell us about the buzz you get from Ryder Cup, particularly in tight matches like this. It was up-and-down like a yo-yo.
IAN POULTER: There's nothing better. When there's 40,000 fans out there and every time you approach the tee, every time you approach the green, they are just giving you a standing ovation, and that's just awesome. To get some electricity from these guys is just truly amazing.
You know, it was a tough match today. It was a steady match. We kind of put ourselves in position a lot, and Luke just hit a fantastic shot to finish it off.

Q. Five Ryder Cup foursomes matches, five wins; what's the secret?
LUKE DONALD: You know, I think it's just keeping it in play, as Poults said. We made four or five birdies today I think, but we didn't give away too many holes. We had a little bit of a 3-putt on 13, but other than that, we were in the hole. We made them work for the wins, and I think that's the key to foursomes.

Q. Momentum is huge in Ryder Cup; do you feel like it's going our way again now?
IAN POULTER: For sure. At one point the board looked a little bit red. But the last hour and a half play, it's moved to blue and that's good for us. These fans can have come out here and they have certainly picked us up this afternoon.

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