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October 2, 2010

Rickie Fowler

Jim Furyk

Dustin Johnson

Hunter Mahan


Q. Give us your run down on the way it went.
JIM FURYK: Well, obviously being down most of the day, and we never got it back to level until the very last hole. It was great to get that halve. Feels like a win.
Why did I hit it 80 yards left? I hit it and in all of the hubbub of taking the drop, when you're playing a shot -- you have balls in your pocket a lot, and he didn't empty the ball out of his pocket on the previous hole and we went to 4 and trying to figure out the drop; and I was trying to move the people, and he left the ball in the mud. He dropped the ball and put a new ball into play and hit it.

Q. Was it an unplayable lie?
JIM FURYK: Free drop, could drop it on the path, because that was the nearest point. We left the ball in the mud, it was just barely you could see it. The one I hit -- and someone brought it up from the gallery and asked what did you hit off the tee and I said Titleist.
But it was a mental error on all of our parts. That's just a mental error and mine and the caddie's part, and actually even the official, he was standing right there. It was a mental error everywhere.

Q. Bouncing back --
JIM FURYK: For a young guy and being as young as he is, I'm very overly impressed with his maturity. I went over to kind of talk to him and try to calm him down. I think he might have been calming me down, I don't know. He's a cool customer, and he was going out there hitting all of the iron shots and right up against Lee Westwood, played like a champ today.
RICKIE FOWLER: Being down for most of the match, coming into the last hole -- it was nice to get a couple good shots. Hit a great wedge shot in there and made the putt.

Q. How much attention do you pay to the other holes and what's going on?
RICKIE FOWLER: We could see the scoreboard every few holes. We are obviously keeping an eye on how the other guys are doing and we are trying our best to get our match back to square or possibly be up to help the guys.

Q. Advantage Team USA at the moment?
RICKIE FOWLER: We are playing well. Obviously the other guys are playing well, as well. I think this afternoon is going to have a big impact and be a momentum changer.

Q. You get another chance to go out again.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, I don't feel bad about any of the matches. Obviously we wanted to win, but you know, I felt like I hit the ball good, you know, in both matches.
We really struggled getting the ball in the hole, me and Phil both. Out here, you've got to make the putts. We are just not making any putts the first couple of days. Yeah, I'm going to go out and try to see some balls going out in the home.
I'm very excited to go out with Jim. I think it's a good match up. I'm definitely excited about getting back out there.

Q. You went out this afternoon, got a win; talk a little about the match and how excited you are to get a point.
HUNTER MAHAN: We are just trying to get as many points as we can, and we have a good time together. The captain paired us really well, and it was a big point for us.

Q. Foursomes again. Do you think that you guys did better in foursomes than fourball?
HUNTER MAHAN: Maybe. I think we both enjoy doing that again. I think we've got a good rhythm out there. We just played together so I guess the momentum all the way through 18, going back to one, we know all of the tee shots and everything. So we're going to be extremely comfortable out there and that's very big in these matches.

Q. You have the Northern Irish duo again.
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, it will be a great match. They are obviously great matches and they are comfortable with each other and like playing with one another. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Q. Matt, great golf, you are playing your best out here.
MATT KUCHAR: What a match. Rory and Graeme played great golf. I was lucky to ride Stewart Cink and what he did on 17. I'll remember the rest of my life.

Q. Is this the Ryder Cup that you were always dreaming of?
MATT KUCHAR: It's amazing the passion and intensity and the numbers of people that come out. It's really important to be a part of. It is probably more than I was expecting.

Q. Do you have an expectation, looking at the leaderboard right now because you guys are leading?
MATT KUCHAR: I haven't been paying too much attention. I know it's been going well. We have got a great team, but so do they. I don't think anybody is counting anybody out.

Q. How do you portion your energy for such a long day?
MATT KUCHAR: Right now I'm jacked up. I'm going to go relax just a little bit, I know I have to head back out shortly. Just sit back with my feet up and that's about it.

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