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October 2, 2010

Ian Poulter


IAN POULTER: Obviously a little disappointed to have a 6-4 deficit, so great to see the board all blue right now.

Q. What do you think turned the tide in your favour?
IAN POULTER: You know, we got home fans and we don't want to disappoint them. So I think if we can put a lot of blue on that board, it's going to uplift everybody on the team.

Q. Were you sorry you had to come off at this point? I know you had to because it's dark?
IAN POULTER: No, we need a rest. For sure. There's only a certain amount of golf you can play in one day, and I think we've all played enough.

Q. Were you surprised that the Americans came out so fast?
IAN POULTER: Yes and no. I just think they holed putts at the right time. They haven't got that much of a lead. It's only two points. If we can keep the board blue the rest of this session, with that nice lead.
It's been hard work and it's soft under foot out there, and if you've got to play as much golf as we have played, we are all going to be tired.

Q. What position would you like to be in going into the singles?
IAN POULTER: I'd like to have a nice lead.

Q. I guess you would like to keep the lights on and just keep going. That's quite a momentum swing.
IAN POULTER: It is. The board is all blue. I think that's what Monty would have wanted when he sent everybody out this afternoon. It's been a busy day, a hectic day. But if we can put blue on the board and put these 40,000 fans on our side, hopefully we can drive an advantage going into singles.

Q. Do you wish you could have finished the 18 holes tonight?
IAN POULTER: Not really. We are all tired and there's only a certain amount of golf you can play in one day and I think we have all played plenty of golf. We all need a nice rub down and rest and let's come out strong tomorrow.

Q. Who is getting the rub down?
IAN POULTER: We have enough physios here.

Q. What about Monty? I'm sure he would like to be out there hitting every shot.
IAN POULTER: Sure, but he can't, he's captain. He's got to leave it up to the 12 guys and we are all pulling for each other and if we can leave blue on the board, we'll be good tomorrow.

Q. The match against Tiger this morning, seems like a long time ago --
IAN POULTER: This is match three of the day.

Q. Just a little bit about that experience?
IAN POULTER: It's different. I mean, sure, the way they flipped, obviously two foursomes and two fourballs into an extra day, is a little strange, but I think it works. We lost half a day; we lost a whole series there, so we need to add it back in and that's what they have done.

Q. What about the crowd? That must be the most fantastic feeling. Talk us through coming on to the first tee?
IAN POULTER: It's awesome. 40,000 fans on home soil, they are always going to give you a buzz, and that's what they did on the first tee. They are priceless.

Q. Lee Westwood seems to have become the backbone of the team, particularly without Darren and Sergio here.
IAN POULTER: He's always been such a great iron man on the side. He always delivers points. He always plays five times and I know he wanted to be fit to come out strong this week. You know what, we are only going to go four times but he's fit and raring to go, and he's playing some great golf.

Q. What about his character? Seems to be one of those guys, super successful people that's universally well-liked, which is not always the case.
IAN POULTER: Sure, he's a great guy. He's very thoughtful. He's a good friend to everybody out there on Tour, and he's a very solid player. He's been out on Tour for so many years now; he's had so many great performances and that's why he's up there in the World Rankings.

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