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October 2, 2010

Luke Donald

Peter Hanson


Q. Was the adrenalin coarsing through your veins?
LUKE DONALD: I think as many holes as we played, as it went on, the adrenaline went lower and lower. I was still pumped up but it's nice to be partnering Lee. He's a calming influence, he's a great player, and I'm honoured to be his partner.

Q. What sort of stuff is he saying to you and what sort of stuff are you saying to him out there?
LUKE DONALD: We both know how to play golf. We weren't doing anything different. But you know, obviously we played solid and got off to a fast start.

Q. What about Monty's role? I'm sure he would rather be playing every single shot.
LUKE DONALD: Of course. He has great passion for The Ryder Cup, and obviously I haven't seen him too much, with the format on the golf course, it's crazy right now. You just don't know exactly what's going on.

Q. How is he coping?
LUKE DONALD: He's coping well. I'm sure he'll have a big smile on his face tonight.

Q. Reflect on the afternoon.
PETER HANSON: It was great. I felt we were really, really up for it when we stood on that first tee, losing pretty badly in the morning and I felt we didn't play awful but they played really well and we wanted to get a bit of revenge and get ahead in the beginning. It's important to get up in the matches. I think everybody feels the same.

Q. What did Monty say before you went out again?
PETER HANSON: He didn't seen have time to speak to us. I just went down to hit some balls and straight out. You still feel if you lose pretty bad in the beginning, you want revenge, and we got off to a great start birdieing 1,3,4 and 6. So straight ahead, 2-up, it's good.

Q. How important was that after losing this morning, you want to get momentum straightaway.
PETER HANSON: Yeah, you want to help the team get some points and we feel if we can get one point here, and win our singles, that will help the team and we are going to do everything to get 14 1/2.

Q. How frustrating was it to come off after establishing a lead?
PETER HANSON: It was not too bad. It got really dark. I think we played pretty long and of course, when you have a bit of momentum, birdieing No. 6 to go 2-up, you want to keep going, but also, there's really no chance; too dark.

Q. Out there with Miguel, the TV cameras picked up on --
PETER HANSON: Yeah, we had a bit of a kiss -- no, it's fun. It's great playing with Miguel. He's very experienced and he's very calm and I think it helped me, especially this morning. Good fun.
Absolutely amazing, amazing experience, and just the atmosphere, playing those first tee shots off the first tee and then all the way around with the fans carrying you around, it's great.

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