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April 5, 2003

Lee Janzen


THE MODERATOR: Thank our leader, Lee Janzen, for joining us today at 13 under par, 203.

Lee, you had the one bogey and then just got on a roll from there it looks like.

LEE JANZEN: You know what, until I signed my score card, I had no idea what I did. That's a sports psychologist's dream, is for a player to tell him he didn't know he made those birdies.

THE MODERATOR: That's a good thing. 5-under on the back there.

LEE JANZEN: Yeah. I was just playing one shot at a time. I certainly didn't have the groove I had the first two days. I was just trying to survive.

I'm putting my short putts very well right now. I think I'm managing the course pretty well. Just kept hanging in there, making all my par putts until I could get a good enough shot to have a birdie.

THE MODERATOR: We talked to Bob about the fact the two of you got off to a slow start on the front nine. Is that because of the change in conditions?

LEE JANZEN: Well, I think the first few holes were definitely birdiable, and we just didn't do it.

You look up on the board and saw Ben Crane shot 8-under par, so you knew the birdies were there, and he probably played under tougher conditions.

You just have to believe that you're going to make some birdies somewhere.

THE MODERATOR: We'll take some questions.

Q. Lee, I didn't see the 17th hole. Can you describe your birdie on the 17th.

LEE JANZEN: 480-yard drive, right down the middle. Actually, it was right next to the (inaudible) said 316 yards from it. It's crazy, a 316-yard drive on Tour. It was downhill, but nobody has to know that.

Anyway, I had 158 to the hole, hit probably the best iron shot I hit all day. Just clipped it perfect, hit it solid, just held it, just slight fading it to hook wind, right at the pin, left myself about 6 feet.

Q. You said you made a 20-footer for eagle on 13 yesterday. ShotLink says 49 feet 4 inches. Which is it?

LEE JANZEN: I was short and left of the hole on the fringe. The pin was 15 on. So even if I was on the front of the green, it's 45 feet. I was half-way between. So it was 20 feet.

Q. 316-yard drive today, too.

LEE JANZEN: Well, like I said, it's downhill. The fairways are running. So 316 is not a big deal around here.

Q. What was the club at 17?

LEE JANZEN: 8-iron.

Q. The second shot on 15 looked like a bad stance and everything. You pulled it off.

LEE JANZEN: Yeah, you know, I didn't have much resistance in the grass as far as getting contact on the ball. That was a plus.

But the ball was slightly below my feet, but I also had an uphill lie. After 13 years on Tour, I finally realized that those off-set each other and you just aim straight. I tried to play hooks off those, or fades, or whatever, and it never comes off. I tried to aim one straight, and it went straight.

Q. The obvious question, what would it mean to have your first win in five years here?

LEE JANZEN: It would be really exciting. You know, all I can do is go out there and give it the old college try and play my hardest.

Today I struggled early and hung in there and made a bunch of par putts and kept myself in there and ended up hitting good shots in the back to make some birdies. So I can remember that tomorrow no matter how I'm playing, that all I got to do is hang in there and maybe at the end I'll have a chance.

Ideally, I'd like to play like I did the first two days, and just strike it off every tee, maybe have good control of my irons. If I can do that, then that would be great because I feel like I'm putting well.

Q. The birdie on 17, with Bob in trouble, do you even pay attention to where he is? Was that an extra birdie, knowing he might be in trouble?

LEE JANZEN: He played really solid as far as making all his important par putts all day. You know, we don't even know what the weather will be like tomorrow. There's always a chance that that's it, right there, 54 holes.

I stood on that 17th fairway thinking, "This would be a great time to make a birdie, because we're tied right now, just in case we don't play anymore," but...

I wanted to make my putt. Regardless of whether he made his putt for par or not, I just thought it was important to make my putt.

Q. Seemed like this was two pretty tough finishing holes to go birdie, birdie on in the third round. Are these some of the tougher finishing holes that you see?

LEE JANZEN: Yeah, the pin on 17 is fairly tough. It's just over a ridge, the green kind of slopes away from you there. The greens, being a lot softer today, it was easier to get to that pin.

I'd say yesterday it would have been very difficult to get it close to 17.

18 would have been impossible. I would have putted it around the bunker. I would have no way tried to hit that green with yesterday's green from the chip shot.

Q. How tough was that pitch, you made it look easy?

LEE JANZEN: Yeah, it wasn't. I mean, I looked at it. It was a super tight lie. There's only one chance of hitting that shot good. I mean, you can't hit it thin or even bounce into it a little bit. If I hit slightly behind it, the club would have bounced into the ball and I would have (inaudible) across the green. If I didn't catch it clean, it would have gone with no spin, it would have gone across the green.

The two best-case scenarios were I could hit it perfect, land it just over the bunker, ran down there somewhere close enough; or, I hit it in the bunker.

I considered, I even looked to the left - I don't know if you saw me - I looked to the left of the bunker just to roll it to the left of the bunker, let it roll down on the green, 2-putt for par and go.

I don't know, maybe I just thought that if -- that was too chicken to do that.

But, you know, I'm trying to win the tournament so I really should play the right shot. It worked out. I pulled it off. I clipped it perfect. It landed - I don't know if it landed on the green. Did it land in the fringe?

But it grabbed. It looked like it was going to stop 10 feet short, and it just kept going and going and going, rolling all the way down to the hole. Anything more than what I did would have gone in the water probably.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: Yeah, you couldn't. The ground's too hard. You couldn't, with the bounce of my club. Now maybe with a club that has less bounce or less roll in the heel, you could have pulled it off. But the way I like my wedge, you couldn't do it.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: Yeah. I couldn't -- I don't think I could get it that close in ten tries after that.

Q. You've won eight times on Tour. It's been a little while.

LEE JANZEN: I won the Shark Shoot-out last fall.

Q. True. What's it like to go to bed on Saturday night with a multiple-shot lead? How do you normally behave and react? What's the difference this time?

LEE JANZEN: I just try and get a good night sleep. I think it's a little more difficult. But if I can just fall asleep, then hopefully I can do the rest from there, just stay asleep.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: Yeah. I'm trying to think how many times I've actually slept on the lead.

The US Open was the first (inaudible). I actually stayed up as late as I could on the Saturday night, so I could sleep in Sunday morning because I didn't want to have eight hours Sunday morning to hang around. I went to bed about midnight and got up at seven anyway. I just couldn't stand it.

Q. Don't have to worry about that tomorrow.

LEE JANZEN: Yeah, I got to get up early tomorrow. The real thing here is to get some dinner and get to bed as quick as possible.

You know, you need to wind down a little bit after a round. No matter how calm you think you are, you're still a little bit of a -- you're pepped up a little bit from playing.

Q. The 54-hole leader here, the last three years, 54 holes going on to win.

LEE JANZEN: That's great (inaudible).

Q. (Inaudible). Is this a course that's hard? Is it easier to maybe hold a lead on this course because people can't come back as quickly?

LEE JANZEN: I would think that the course kind of demands good shots, and maybe the guys who have led have played so well the first three days that it was -- that they just went on and played that well again on Sunday.

You know, the course, there are birdies out there if you hit good shots, but it doesn't give them away. You know, I bragged about the course yesterday and I still brag about it today. I think it's a great design.

Q. Any advantage to going off earlier tomorrow since you don't have to wait around?

LEE JANZEN: I just, you know, I'll get to leave earlier tomorrow night, that's about it.

THE MODERATOR: Maybe not, if you win.

LEE JANZEN: Regardless of whoever is going to be here after the tournament that, you know, still gonna save a few hours, 6 o'clock finish.

THE MODERATOR: Start with that bogey on No. 5.

LEE JANZEN: I hit a good drive, decided the greens were soft enough that I need to fly past the pin to avoid going in the water. And I just hit a nice iron shot right over the pin, and it was too far. Hit over the green. I left myself a very difficult chip shot. I needed to hit it 3 or 4 more inches in the air on my chip shot, and I think it might have trickled down by the hole. I made a nice routine bogey from where I was.


LEE JANZEN: 6, I didn't hit a good drive. Laid up with a 5-iron and then, once again, I was playing the green with the ball would come back down the green. I played that shot well. I flew it past the pin, probably six or seven steps. With the back, it rolled back down 5 feet from the hole.


LEE JANZEN: 10, I did not hit a good drive again. I hooked it. I laid up with my (inaudible) to the right. And I left myself the shot I wanted right up the green with a lob wedge from about 85 yards and hit that about 6 feet.


LEE JANZEN: 13 I hit a driver, hit that in the left bunker. But knowing where the pin was, I knew that that bunker, you usually have an uphill lie, it's really not a very difficult bunker shot. I actually pulled my bunker shot and left myself below the hole further than I wanted to. But I made, I'd say, about a 10-footer there.


LEE JANZEN: 15, I hit my drive in the left rough. I'm seeing a pattern here - hit it in the left rough, make birdie.

Then hit an 8-iron from 143 yards, I guess is what it was, to about a foot.

End of FastScripts....

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