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October 1, 2010

Dustin Johnson

Jeff Overton

Steve Stricker

Tiger Woods


Q. Dustin, what was the biggest difference playing in the afternoon?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: The wind died down for sure and there was no rain. It was nice. The course could be had. You were not holding onto anything. You know, the first few holes when we were out there playing, the wind was out there howling and it was really rainy. It was very tough. Coming back out, no wind, no rain, it was nice. The greens were soft. So you could attack the golf course a little bit.

Q. Did you feel like the darkness halted your momentum? You were starting to play some serious golf.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: A little bit. Me and Phil started to get it going. We hit a lot of good shots and were in every hole and both had birdie putts every hole. That helps out a lot when you can do that, when you have both got good looks on every hole, it definitely helps the momentum and we were able to make a few.

Q. When you look at your side of 12 and their side of 12, all 12 of you guys are going be to going out tomorrow; advantage or disadvantage for the U.S.?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: I think it's an advantage for us. We have got 12 good guys, so as long as we go out and play some good golf, then you know, it's definitely going to help us.

Q. What do you think of the rain suits?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: They were great.

Q. Are you happy with your positions tomorrow resuming play?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: We are in great position. We are playing some good golf and we both got in rhythm. We are having looks on every holes. So we are going to come out tomorrow, do the same thing, be aggressive and that's all you can do.

Q. Tiger, certainly a great rally and I thought a break was really a positive for the team to catch up.
TIGER WOODS: It was a good rally. Stricks made a nice putt, and I made a nice key par putt at 4 to kind of not go 2-down. We got 1-up there at 9, but Poults made a great putt at 10 and made it all-square.

Q. How do you look resuming tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it's basically an eight-hole boat race. Basically that's what it boils down to. We have to go out there and start off on the par 5 and make some birdies.

Q. Steve, how would you evaluate when you resume play tomorrow and the way things are for you guys right at this point?
STEVE STRICKER: Well, we all made good comebacks, I thought. We were 3-down at the break of the weather delay, and I know we got a couple matches now that are tied, I think. So we all kind of rallied a little bit and they are going to be tight and close, you know, so we have got to keep hanging in there and doing the things we are doing.

Q. Were you feeling better after the break personally for your game?
STEVE STRICKER: The conditions improved 100 per cent for me. We went from not being hardly able to make a good swing at it from, you know, tough conditions, to hardly any wind and pretty warm out. You'd better have found your game pretty quickly because the conditions helped in that regard.

Q. Stewart made a mile of putts today, talk about the feel of the greens.
STEVE STRICKER: The rain slowed them down, and they are getting marked up a little bit, but there's only four groups out there. You have to hit them pretty firmly. When you are playing best-ball, or fourball, you know you can be pretty aggressive at times. You have to be aggressive and hit some good putts and hit them solid at least.

Q. Jeff, speak about the way you guys played consistently with the breaks and all of the weather and everything.
JEFF OVERTON: You know, it's kind of nice, the one hole I kind of messed up on really bad, Bubba was in there stiff. Unfortunately he didn't knock it in, but we were a few under there on the front nine and any time you shoot 3-under best-ball on a tough course, it's not bad, you're not going to blow anybody away. But at the same time, we are right there and we have nine holes left to play tomorrow.
It's great to birdie the last hole and kind of put the pressure on Luke trying to make a little 6-, 7-footer tomorrow.

Q. How would you classify that first long putt off the green you made?
JEFF OVERTON: It was probably the most unbelievable shot of my life. It was so nerve-wracking just to be playing the first hole, let alone hole it from nowhere. It was just so mentally draining out there all day, and then to start the day like that was just awesome.

Q. Is it safe to say once you get off the bell, off the first tee, forget about that rookie stuff?
JEFF OVERTON: It was kind of tough, the first couple of holes, I was so amped up, and then a rain delay and you come back in and then it's right back to being amped up. You are just starting it and not really in the flow of things and then we got in the flow of things right in the end and then they blew the horn on us again.
It's nice to be in where we are at, and at the same time, we are in good position and we just have to go and pull things out tomorrow.

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