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March 28, 1997

Craig Parry


WES SEELEY: Craig Parry, 71, 67, 138, 6-under par and I believe two off the lead at this point. Tell us about your day.

CRAIG PARRY: Well, I was the first group of the day and had exceptional greens. The greens were perfect to putt on out there. I hit a shot in on the first hole, driver, 9-iron to about 3 foot, missed it. I thought, "Here we go again -" seeing I finished poorly yesterday afternoon - I had 3 over on the front 9 yesterday, which is -- my second 9, I thought, Well, we are going to be in for a long day here. Then I made a birdie at the third hole, 7-iron into about 12 feet. Got it back. Then on No. 4, I hit a good drive, and I hit 8-iron straight over the flag into the back rough and didn't get up-and-down. My next bogey was 3-putt on 4. I had quite a few birdies in between that. But when I played aggressive, I played a lot better than when I tried to play defensive. And, just got to get it on the green and try and 2-putt or -- it seemed to come undone so playing aggressive suited my game out there.

WES SEELEY: Continue through the round.

CRAIG PARRY: From the fourth, geez, what did I do? On 6: Birdie, I hit driver in left-hand trap. I hit 9-iron out to within 6 foot. Next birdie was No. 8. I hit 3-iron to about 12 feet. 9: I hit good drive, 2-iron, sand iron to about 6 foot -- 6-footer, I should say. No. 10: I hit real good drive down 10, then hit 9-iron in to about a foot and a half. And then, 11, I hit a good drive, 4-wood, laid up to the left-hand side. Then I hit sand iron to 12-foot right of the hole because the flag is cut behind that big hollow on the left-hand side and you can't really get to it. I holed that putt. As I said earlier, bogeyed 14. Hit driver, 4-iron onto the green; 3-putted missed a 6-footer for my second putt.

WES SEELEY: How long was the first?

CRAIG PARRY: First one was at the front of the green. That was probably 50 foot. And then 16, I hit good drive. I hit 4-wood onto the green to about 20 feet and 2-putted, and I made a good save. I hit it in the right-hand rough off the tee, hit 5-iron just in the rough short of green near the little bunker there, chipped it up to about 3 foot.

Q. It looked like with the rains and everything earlier in the week, you guys were really going to play dart golf and shoot lights out and it is really not happening. What--

CRAIG PARRY: Well, I think it is at the moment. I think the golf course is still relatively soft. It is playing probably as easy as we are going to find it to play, because you hit the driver on the fairway, it is not running, so the ball is not running into the rough or the trouble. The greens are receptive to a good shot from the fairway. Perfect pace on the greens. So all in all, I think the golf course is probably playing as easy as it possibly can at the moment. If the golf course actually played fast, meaning 30 yards of running off your tee shot, the ball will be running into the rough and then you would be finding it really tough. But, I think the way it is at the moment, it is favoring the golfers. It will bite back at us if it plays faster.

Q. Bit of up-and-down round sort of typified your success here. You have had a couple of good tournaments and then some scores that weren't so good. Is there something about the course that maybe lends itself to that inconsistency so far?

CRAIG PARRY: Well, with the golf course the way it is designed, if you come undone, you are going to make bogeys. I think that is just part of playing a TPC golf course. If you play well, you can score well. If you're not quite on your game, it is going to eat you up; especially when there is a little bit of breeze around, there is a better 1-club breeze out there at the moment, but it is not really coming from any direction as such. Then it is -- all of a sudden it is changing very quickly. All of a sudden we are on 16, we played that hole into the breeze. And, we get on 17 and it was straight down before I hit. And, I hit 9-iron and it landed into the bank and spun back. The wind stopped altogether. So, you know, it is not really coming from any direction at all at the moment.

Q. Are you as confident now or more than you had been in the past on this course?

CRAIG PARRY: Well, I have played pretty well here in the past. I think I finished 6th one year; dunked it in the water on 16, second or third going into 16 and actually hit a 3-iron straight at the flag and I hit it in the water. But, I have played this golf course pretty well in the past. I am fairly confident with the way I am playing too because I am driving the ball really well, and Mitchell Spearman (ph) has been helping me with my game down at Doral. And, I have gone to another level in my playing; especially hitting the tee shots and irons. They are going so much further. I have gained about 10%.

Q. What did he do that has given you the distance?

CRAIG PARRY: He just said in laymen's terms the club was actually sliding underneath the ball rather than trapping it and hitting it further; getting a bit of power out of it. So I had to get my hands a little bit higher at the top of my backswing rather than being a little bit too far around behind me. It was too flat before. Now, I have got my hands up higher.

Q. You said yesterday you couldn't hit a green on the back 9. Did you change something overnight in your swing or was it just one of those days?

CRAIG PARRY: I think it was one of those days. Probably reverted back to my old swing a little bit yesterday and in the second nine holes and I went down to the practice range yesterday afternoon - I practiced 'til about 6:30, so I did a couple of hours work on my game. And, tended to sort it out. So, I left last night I was very happy with it and when I arrived this morning on the practice range I was very disappointed with what I was doing. So it is up-and-down. It is something I have got to work on my game to hit the ball better.

WES SEELEY: Will that do it?

Q. Yes.

WES SEELEY: Then that will do it.

CRAIG PARRY: Thank you.

WES SEELEY: Come back often.

CRAIG PARRY: Sounds good.

End of FastScripts....

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