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September 26, 2010

Jeff Burton

Joey Logano


THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Jeff Burton. Jeff is seventh in points. Jeff, tell us about your run today.
JEFF BURTON: Well, we thought we had a really good racecar coming into the race today. We took off and struggled a little bit for rear grip. Just kept working all day to get the grip level right.
I thought the track changed a lot. My guys did a great job of adjusting to the track, getting the car better at the right time.
About halfway through the next-to-the-last run, my car just got really happy and took off. We then became a contender. Proud of us being right at the right time. We were in position with that restart.
What won the race for Jimmie wasn't the start of the restart, but about 15 laps into the next-to-the-last run, he cleared Logano and got really fast right there. He squirted away from me pretty hard and ran the 18 down. Then we started running them down.
But he was just a little quicker than we were today.
THE MODERATOR: We'll open it up to questions.

Q. Jeff, it seemed yesterday when the skirmish between Harvick and Hamlin was going on, Jimmie and Chad were over to the side soaking it all in. Can you talk about the focus they've had, Jimmie, came back today, the focus they have when they win championships.
JEFF BURTON: Well, they're good. They're not good, they're great. That word is not being overused when I say that. They've won four in a row. You're not good doing that. You have to be great to do that.
They've been in the hunt. They've been in the mix. I think they're as seasoned as you can possibly be together. They fought the fights together. They haven't won every championship together. They've lost some, too. Through losing some, you gain wisdom. Through winning some, you gain wisdom. They perform. That's what they did.
I expected them to come here and perform. This is one of their best racetracks. It didn't surprise me to see them run as well as they did.

Q. Jeff, taking a walk down pit road late in the race, some of Clint Bowyer's pit crew were in your stall. When your team is challenging for the win, Bowyer is off the pace, how as an organization are you going to handle that as the Chase moves forward?
JEFF BURTON: I'm not aware of the situation there, to be quite honest. I'm not even sure what you're talking about. I'm not blowing you off; I don't know the story there.
Every team is here to win races. Every team is here to try to win a championship. As the thing goes on, it will get harder for some teams to win than others.
I don't see any situation where we're pulling people away from one team. I don't know. I'm not going to get into all that. Every team is here to win races.
THE MODERATOR: We're also joined today by Joey Logano. Joey, tell us about your run today.
JOEY LOGANO: We had a good racecar. We had to battle from behind. We started in the back there. But we fought our way up there, made little adjustments all day. The car was pretty close. The biggest thing was getting cleaner air as we moved towards the front. It felt like we did a good job.
Zippy and the guys did great. Pit stops were great today. Kept us up there and got us track position when we needed it. Was good on the long runs, and short runs, which we've been struggling with lately.
I was pretty excited about it. We were close. There's times I thought maybe we had a shot at winning it and there's times I was happy to bring it home third.
We're close. We just need to find some consistency, man. We wrecked last week. We're third this week. We were fourth in Richmond. We really need to figure out how we can be up here every week, then we can challenge for wins. We need to be up here consistently.
Either way, it's cool for Home Depot, all those guys. Definitely a big deal for everybody.
THE MODERATOR: We'll resume with questions.

Q. Joey, there was a lot of green-flag running from pretty much most of the race towards the end. Do you think that helped or hurt the chances you had to adjust on the car?
JOEY LOGANO: Not for me. I felt like the track changed a little bit from when there was a caution to a green-flag stop, because in the caution it picks up all the rubber. Eventually, it would be about the same after a few laps.
I don't know. I mean, we still made quite a bit of pit stops today. It was still a long race.
JEFF BURTON: I agree with what he said.
THE MODERATOR: Gentlemen, thank you for your time. Congratulations.

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