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September 26, 2010

John Parry


Q. Congratulations from all of us, I think I've got a song for you, it is Lady Gaga Poker Face; on the outside you look so calm, do you feel like that on the inside?
JOHN PARRY: I felt nervous. I felt like I was playing well, so I think it almost helped me, the concentration was good.

Q. What did you feel as though you needed to go out and shoot today, you shot 70, did you think that would be good enough? We knew the weather was going to be tough.
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, I didn't know what the weather was going to be like. So looking outside, 70 was going to be good enough. I was trying to get to 20 to make sure -- but I think I could have maybe done it if I had holed a few more putts.

Q. You won on The Challenge Tour last year here in France, as well, and now you're a winner on The European Tour. Tell us all about that, what will that do for John Parry's career?
JOHN PARRY: At least I know I'm playing for the rest of the year. It's nice to know what you're going to play in and takes the pressure off, as well. I was 116 on The Race to Dubai, so you're struggling to keep your card.

Q. Did you know you were good enough? Because going out there, I was saying on air today, I'm going, where has this kid been; it's amazing how well you do play, and here now you are a winner. Did you know you were good enough to win?
JOHN PARRY: I think I was, yeah. It was just putting it all together. I've had days where I hit it well, putted bad or putted well and hit it badly, but I put it all together this week.

Q. Ryder Cup next week, I'm sure you're going to be watching, two years' time, do you want to be on that team?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, I'd love to be in it but we'll wait and see.

Q. Are you going to be on that team?

Q. Describe how it feels to get your first win?
JOHN PARRY: A lot of pressure off me. I was struggling to keep my card. I didn't think I had many events left, really, thought Dunhill and the one in Spain, but now I can choose. It was a lot of pressure but I think I handled it. And when I came up the finish, I saw it was just me and Johan, and then it was easy to see what he was doing, so I knew what I had to do.

Q. You got a few birdies early on and a lot of pars?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, tried not to -- got the wind wrong and had to chip out on one par 5 and the other par 5, I went with 3-wood, and was just dead. After that, 18, I played pretty safe. Just middle of the green and give myself two putts.

Q. Not many guys go on and win their first year, quite an achievement?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, I've always been able to win, if I'm in position -- if I'm playing well, I've always been able to finish.
So I was pretty confident, as long as I went out and hit good shots, I was confident I was going to win. I think the wind, as well, I've been hitting it pretty solid, I think it helped me. I didn't have to shoot a low number.

Q. Did you ever think you would be winning again in France so quickly?
JOHN PARRY: No, but in the practise round I hit it really nice. It's a fantastic feeling.

Q. Finishing well last week and in contention and let it slip on the weekend --
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, I think Austria, I didn't feel comfortable about my game, but this week, I felt my putting was iffy -- but I was putting all right. Austria, I didn't feel quite comfortable.

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