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September 25, 2010

Mark Haastrup


Q. 66 how would you describe that round of golf?
MARK HAASTRUP: Amazing. I played really, really good, a little shaky tee shot on the first, but then really played good from there. Yeah, hit a lot of good shots, and made a little bit of putts in the end and happy days.

Q. You seem very happy, lots of smiles. What were conditions like out there, because they changed.
MARK HAASTRUP: It was tougher. The rain, yesterday, and made the greens softer, so it's hard to control the spin and things were a little tougher than the first few days with the amateurs. The wind was much stronger, so it was definitely tougher. But yeah, kept patience after not getting so much out of it the first eight holes, but then suddenly it just all, yeah, kind of sank.

Q. A Pro-Am event for the first to days, have you enjoyed the format, and how different was it today in two balls rather than fourballs?
MARK HAASTRUP: It goes so much faster. You feel like you're running all the time; if the guys in front of you are gone, you feel like you have to keep up. The first two days were a pleasure, nice guy, amateur to play with, and the other guys we played with, too. It was nice to play and have a good time.

Q. Now, are you looking at The Race to Dubai at this point? In your run-up to this event, you've missed a few cuts; what would you say the difference has been this week with your golf?
MARK HAASTRUP: That's very nice of you to say --

Q. I'm so sorry to point that out.
MARK HAASTRUP: That's fine. It's more than a few. I try not to -- I may have looked at it a little bit too much the last five events compared to this week, but just trying to after I had a few weeks where I played really bad, where I had a good practise at home with my coach and got here and felt a little better and then it's just been feeling better and better. I played really good.

Q. So some good team work with your coach, and also heading into tomorrow's round --
MARK HAASTRUP: I could be boring and say I'm fine to do the same. Yeah, just try to hit it the same way as I've done the last three days and hit a lot of greens and then see if the putts go in, and if not, hopefully get a lot of pars and then in the end maybe it will drop like it did today.

Q. The ninth was when it kind of really happened for you; did it just click into gear then?
MARK HAASTRUP: I played really, really well on the first eight holes, too. I had a lot of goodness which as. I 3-putted the first. I had a really tough putt the first one to lip out for birdie and ended up missing the next one so that's really frustrating and hit a great shot on 2, misread it.
Then I made a putt from six or seven feet on the third and then that kind of calmed me down because it felt like I could make a putt. And then hit some good putts from there, just didn't go in, and then hit a good drive and then it's an easy hole, No. 9, hit it up on the green and, yeah, gave me birdie and then it kind of all settled from there, got some wedge shots in and I hit them really close.

Q. Good shot on 16 there to a couple of inches?
MARK HAASTRUP: Yeah, that was really important because I felt I did some stupid stuff with a 3-putt on 15, a really tough hole and I hit a great second shot after being lucky on the drive and not being in the bushes. I 3-putted from not very long, so it felt very good and to hit it stiff, too, so I didn't have a putt for it. That was really important and kind of calmed me down. Hit a good shot on 17, par, and then it good putt on the last.

Q. Going into tomorrow, you're probably going to be right in contention, is that something you're comfortable with, being on the sharp end?
MARK HAASTRUP: I haven't tried it much on The European Tour this year, but I've been there the first round many times. But it felt good today. Maybe it's because you kind of got started, low key, and then have something to build on. But just kind of try to do the same. I've been there a few times on The Challenge Tour as an amateur and, kind of boring again, try to do the same thing, same routine and try to see if it can keep me going the whole way.

Q. After five missed cuts, is it almost like the pressure is off because now anything is a bonus?
MARK HAASTRUP: Well, now I'm there, so now I want more. But definitely yesterday making the cut was definitely a little weight off the shoulders and get a paycheck home and playing the weekend instead of going home the Friday afternoon or practise on the weekend.

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