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May 31, 2003

Lee Janzen


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Lee, thanks for joining us. Third round 71, under some pretty tough conditions. If we can start with some opening comments. You had a couple bogeys early and came back with 2 birdies on your last 8 holes to really have a solid round.

LEE JANZEN: Yes, I would say that I certainly did not play soundly tee to green. I putted very well. I made all of my short putts, I got up and down well. I holed a couple of bunker shots. I persevered today. That is what I tried to do the begin go of the day, hang in there, not let anything ruffle me. Whatever I did shot today I was just going to try my best, whatever it was good enough, and I just hope at the end of the day I would still have a chance tomorrow.

Q. Kenny Perry is playing 18 with a one-shot lead, obviously you will be in a good position going into tomorrow. Let's talk about your mindset and being close to the lead, or in the lead possibly?

LEE JANZEN: You know, he could birdie 18. I heard so roars behind us, I actually thought that he probably birdied 15 and maybe made another birdie. I thought I was going to be 4 behind. Especially playing 17, I thought I was looking at at least a bogey. I am just happy to be playing in the last group, whether it was one behind, 2 behind, 3 behind is not a big deal. If I play well then I've got a chance.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Take some questions.

Q. What happened on 15, your tee was in the rough, I believe, you ended up birdieing?

LEE JANZEN: Yes, I just hit a slight fade off the tee, just trying to hug the right side, but the trees there blocked the wind. I think with the wind blowing that hard, mentally I had to fight it against the wind. The wind didn't affect the ball. It hit a tree dropped down, chipped a 6-iron down the fairway and had an easy pitching wedge shot from 110 yards. And I just whiffed it into the bunker. But I had an uphill lie. I watched Jim Furyk make a bunker shot there, went on to win the tournament. That third birdie, hit an eagle, made the cut. It was in my mind I could make it and it went in which lead to 17. I have topped it off the tee into that short bunker and clipped the lip coming out and it went way to the right. I was behind the trees in the water. All I could do was chip it in the front bunker and I holed that bunker shot, too. I don't have any memory of making 2 bunker shots in one round before.

Q. Does that make you feel almost like it's meant to be for you?

LEE JANZEN: Well, today. I just managed to get it in as good as I could get it in for the way I played, some of the shots I made.

Q. Lee, how do you like the new 17 versus the old 17?

LEE JANZEN: I definitely think it's harder, but I did like the old hole. I guess we will get used to this hole eventually. I'm not sure he is done with it either. I played with him the first two days I think he wants to put a bunker down the left, you could hit it left of that bunker, land in the rough and kick into the fairway. I think he wants you to play it right of the bunker or carry it to the fairway. One of the two.

Q. Why did you like the old hole better? Is it more playable?

LEE JANZEN: I could hit it down the left side of the fairway on that hole. I haven't been able to do that on this hole. I like the way the old hole looked; maybe because the tee was more right, and you shot back to the left. For me, it steers me to the right some, and the ideal shot from the green is from the left.

Q. Is this the round what you defined as perseverance?

LEE JANZEN: Yes. I just hung in there, that's all I did.

Q. It seems like you were preordained before you went throughout, you saw the weather, saw the conditions, you just wanted to shoot something?

LEE JANZEN: I didn't really have a score in mind. I just went out with the idea that I wasn't going to think I could birdie every hole and I needed to aim at every pin, I was just going to look at every shot and whatever I thought the best way to play that hole was, I was going to try to play that hole.

The sixth hole today, I had no intention whatsoever of hitting it near the pin. I was hitting it all the way to the left. I could hit a great shot, hit it close, or go over the green, you got no chip from there so I just tried to play in on the right half of the green and 2-putt from there. Under good conditions I wouldn't do that, I probably would have aimed it right at the pin.

Q. It didn't look like the cold or wind was bothering you that much. Did it ever get to you at all?

LEE JANZEN: Well, I still have a good memory of what it was like last year what it was at the British Open on Saturday. It was pitiful. It hit when I teed off. The windchill was 37 and the wind blew much harder than it did today. You could barely stand up there. That was 84 shots last year on Saturday. I went from playing 2 o'clock one day to 7 the next morning, so I didn't have time to pack.

Q. How satisfying is it to put yourself in a position going into Sunday again?

LEE JANZEN: It feels good and I really struggled the first couple of holes. It was just good to overcome that. I did my best the first three holes from where I put myself on my second shot and tee shots. I could very easy be 5 over with some shots, I got 2 over on those. I really thought that maybe was positive, that I was only 2-over-par the way I played them. And I putted very well today. I probably putted better today than I did any other day this week. It's just that I didn't give myself very many birdie putts.

Q. You talked about finishing, you need to finish tournaments, do you think anything different tonight or get in a different mindset tonight?

LEE JANZEN: I had to get myself to this position before I could finish. I've gotten at least this far. Regardless of what I do tomorrow, it's not going to change that. I'm playing pretty well and I should go into the U.S. Open feeling pretty good about my game. Ideally I would like to play great tomorrow and go in even on a more high than I have. But I like where my game has come the last three weeks. It's coming together at the right time.

Q. Lee, Perry talked about that, is that indicative of how hard that is to win out here?

LEE JANZEN: It's awesome that he is playing like that. I think we would all like to do that some time where we just got in sort of a zone where trouble wasn't even there, where you are just hitting your shots exactly where you wanted to and hole go all of your putts. Nick Price, David Duval, Tiger seems to live on that run. But those guys -- Greg Norman, they of all had those sort of runs. Paul Azinger. You can list a lot of guys. I'm happy for him. I think it's inspirational that you can -- that anybody can break out and take their game to the top level and maintain it for a while.

Q. Do you think he will be a good guy to play with on Sunday?

LEE JANZEN: Oh, yes. I played with him a number of times. We always have a good time playing together. He is pretty laid back.

Q. You mentioned going into the U.S. Open, how you wanted to feel good, and you are feeling much better about your game, what was your attitude and how does it parallel to the time you won your the opens?

LEE JANZEN: I had a peacefulness both times with not low expectations, but no pressure to play well. Even though the last time at Olympic Club, I was hoping to play well so I could be exempt for The Masters the next year. That's the position I am in this year, my exemption for The Masters has run out, so I have to play myself bact into The Masters and that's a goot time to do it.

Q. You have the same peacefulness?

LEE JANZEN: Yes, that doesn't mean anything.

Q. We have to write something.

LEE JANZEN: I had a peacefulness at Pinehurst and I had a chip on the last hole to make the cut.

Q. What kind of accomplishment was it to shoot 66 today like Jose did?

LEE JANZEN: That was pretty good, he had to be the first group out, he must have been 2-under, he must have played in the middle of the day when it was tough. I don't know, how many birdies did he make.

Q. 6?

LEE JANZEN: That's pretty good. I think that's an outstanding round.

Q. What would you say was more impressive, the 6 birdies or no bogeys?

LEE JANZEN: I would say no bogeys. He has an incredible short game. He can make par from anywhere.

Q. What do you have you to do mentally, to get prepared for a day like this? How does your mindset change the a normal day?

LEE JANZEN: I think most of us look at the weather the day before we started thinking about it even after we finish yesterday. We have played under severe conditions before enough times. I think the experience helps. Once you played in these kind of conditions enough times you just sort of learn that anything goes out there and you just got to use your imagination and find a way to get it done. It kind of reminded me -- I remember the weather being like that at the Canadian Open a few times. It's sort of like fall weather out there.

Q. Is that one of the reasons that guys 40 and up -- you are getting closer to 40, are doing well today?

LEE JANZEN: Meet me outside later. It could be. Experience does pay for something. Sometimes it can be a negative reinforcement but experience -- you have seen enough guys shoot good scores on days like today you know it can be done. Look at what Davis did at The Player's Championship, you will say those conditions are as tough as these maybe tougher.

Q. Did you need the warm underwear?

LEE JANZEN: I kind of wish I had some long underwear. It got nice at the end of the day. I saw the sun a couple of times. The wind calmed down a bit but I was comfortable with what I was wearing. There wasn't anymore room in our golf bag to put anymore clothes.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Scorecard. Bogeys on two or three to start.

LEE JANZEN: Yes, I hooked a high drive on 2 then I tried to play a low hook to the green and hit a tree. I hit the left side of the tree. I was actually trying to go to the right. It went to the left. From there I hit a low shot under another tree into the front right bunker and blasted that to six feet and made that. The third hole I hooked my drive. The tee shot I hit a tree, dropped down back to the left, so I chipped it out into the fairway and from there I hit a sand wedge on to the green and 2 putted from about 45 feet. I hit a 3-iron as well as I well as I can hit one and it landed on the green just in front of the green to the pin and stopped about 12 feet past.

Q. 8?

LEE JANZEN: No. 8 I hit a 9-iron, I would say that was about ten feet from the hole.

Q. Bogey on 10?

LEE JANZEN: Bogey on 10 I hit a good drive, over drew the ball. The wind was right-to-left and I missed the green left and basically I didn't have much of a chip shot and did probably my best to get it 12, 15 feet from the hole. I hit a good putt. I barely didn't hit it high enough and just missed it. 14, I hit a 3-iron and sand wedge from 110 yards or so to about a foot and a half. And 15, I can go over that again if you want me to.

Q. Yes.

LEE JANZEN: I drove to the right. Hit a tree, dropped in the rough. Chipped a 6-iron down the fairway. From 110 yards I hit a pitching wedge into the bunker, dead pin-high and holed it out of the bunker.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Any more questions?

Q. Could you do 17, again, too, please?

LEE JANZEN: I half topped my drive-in to that short bunker. I nicked the lip coming out which -- I was aiming down the left side, playing for the wind, I think it took the spin off of it, or whatever I did. It went way to the right. It went further than we expected it. I must have put some overspin on it. I was down there almost in the creek in the rough, with no shot at the green. I figured I would chip it into the front right bunker because I had green to work with from there for a bogey. Fortunately I made the bunker shot and made a par out of it.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Anything else? Lee Janzen, thank you.

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