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September 24, 2010

Jarmo Sandelin


Q. You're at the top of the leaderboard at 13-under par, how was it out there for you today?
JARMO SANDELIN: Well, it was a little rainy, but the wind never picked up, and the greens are holding really well. I played very solid today again, pleased.

Q. Are you gaining more consistency at the moment?
JARMO SANDELIN: Absolutely, I've been playing much better the last three weeks, and this week, especially, I haven't had too many bad shots this week so far, so if I can keep it going on like this, I think I will be a happy man at the end of the tournament.

Q. How would you sum up your season to date?
JARMO SANDELIN: I'm very busy to this point but I haven't been playing up to the capacity that I know that I have. I've been doing some changes around me with training and so it's a whole new organisation around me, so it looks better.

Q. We know what you're capable of. What kind of training have you been doing?
JARMO SANDELIN: I changed my nutrition completely. I don't try to have any intake of sugar. If you have too much sugar in your body, it keeps you going up-and-down and you feel tired.
So nutrition and strength training and a lot of stretching. So far, so good, and I feel much better. I'm not that tired on the golf course anymore, so I don't know if that would be the key to be more consistent, but if it is, I'm really, really happy.

Q. You're looking very strong and very supple, what's the plan for tomorrow?
JARMO SANDELIN: Play the same way I did today, just try to hit those fairways and hit the greens and try to make the putts.

Q. Tell us about two good rounds.
JARMO SANDELIN: Yeah, I've been playing very solid this week. I've been playing quite well the last three weeks. I've been doing a lot of good stuff but I've been unfortunate, my driving has not been up-to-date and so far, so good. So if I can keep it going like this, feel comfortable and make a few putts, I think I would be a happy man end of the week.

Q. I think you're making more than just a few putts, if the driver isn't behaving, you're certainly doing the magic around the greens?
JARMO SANDELIN: Yeah, golfers always need some magic around the greens, as much as possible, and I take one shot at a time and see where it goes.

Q. Certainly Austria is a fine performance and there's consistency about your game, isn't there?
JARMO SANDELIN: So far, yes. I hope to be able to keep it -- I know how easy it is to lose it. It's harder to -- it's easier to lose it than gain it. So I really need to keep myself inside the boundaries and not go ahead of myself and stand where I am. You know, you're not better than your last shot. That's what I say.

Q. I've heard you talking about what's helped to gain this kind of form, and nutrition is important?
JARMO SANDELIN: Yeah, I used to have a big intake of sugar, a lot of soft drinks and candies, so I changed that completely. I try not to have any extra intake of sugar, besides what you naturally get that you can't avoid, and then of course, gym training with good stretching, that's been my new thing.

Q. Well, it sounds very healthy, a great regime, but you wouldn't necessarily but the two and two together, cut out the sugar and your golf will go well?
JARMO SANDELIN: No, it's not just that. It's a lot of points and if you put a lot of small things together, it could be a mountain. I've been trying. I've been on Tour for 15 years and I've tried a lot of different things. If I can find a recipe where I play like this more often, I will be very, very happy.

Q. Do you miss the drink, the fizzy drink, the cakes, anything like that?
JARMO SANDELIN: Well, I did in the beginning. It was actually a struggle in the beginning but it's with my kind of intake, if you do it too much, you miss it. And sugar, they say it's one of the most dangerous ones to get addicted to. So after a few weeks, you're out of it. But I have to make a choice: Feel better or enjoy the cakes.

Q. Are you going to be writing a nutritional book at the end of this?
JARMO SANDELIN: I don't think so. I don't feel that's my call. I should write -- if I do well, maybe I'll write a book what happened behind Jarmo Sandelin.

Q. And into the weekend, presumably more of the same please?
JARMO SANDELIN: Yeah, completely the same. Take one shot at a time and just try to enjoy it and don't get too stressed out.

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