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September 24, 2010

John Parry


Q. You must have enjoyed yourself out there today?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, it was good. I've been playing well for the last couple of weeks, at least trying to put it all together, putt well and hit it well, which is a bit more like it for the first two days.

Q. Talking about last week, finished tied 20th in Austria, did that give you some confidence?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, I played nice for that week, as well, but I just didn't quite put it all together but it gives me confidence into the last two rounds, seeing I was leading up to two rounds there. So it gives me good feeling for the last two.

Q. Well, yeah, a similar situation, so have you got any game plan ahead of the next 36 holes?
JOHN PARRY: Not really. The course is playing reasonably easy, if the weather stays good. So basically just try to make as many birdies as you can for the last two days.

Q. What did you learn from the last two rounds last week?
JOHN PARRY: I don't think I know what I learned, but I think when I putt myself in a situation, I'll probably handle it a little bit better, so I think it's hard to say what I've learned, I'll have to wait and see tomorrow to see what happens.

Q. What about condition today, one minute it was raining and one minute the sun was out?
JOHN PARRY: It wasn't as bad because it was only for one hole, and the holes we played were like short par 3s, so we got away with it. But if you with are playing a tough par 4 or something, it would have been quite tricky.
It was opposite to yesterday, really. Steady, not really doing anything early on and a few late birdies.

Q. But it's what was needed in trying conditions?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, it wasn't very nice. It wasn't too bad, either.

Q. It was so messy overnight, as well.
JOHN PARRY: It was a lot wetter when you got out there. The greens are all right; they weren't too bad.

Q. I take it on the fairways, the ball doesn't bounce around as it did on that first day?
JOHN PARRY: When we went out, maybe it softened up a bit, so when it had not rained for the first six or seven, it had firmed up a little bit but then it's gone a little bit soft again for the last few holes.

Q. Any difference in the two courses?
JOHN PARRY: I think the Retz, that's tougher. I think it's a tougher course. I think there's more -- the holes are pretty similar but there's probably four or five holes where you can have a bit of a disaster where the other courses are a bit more open.

Q. And it's because of just the nature of the greens and the fairways --
JOHN PARRY: One of the par 3s, 11, which is one of the hardest par 3s I've ever played, it's basically ten foot straight in, and that's it; you're either in the water or you've missed the green right.

Q. And yesterday there was a pin so close to the water that you didn't have a lot of options.
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, it's definitely a little bit trickier, but still there, you play them holes okay, you can shoot a low score.

Q. Similar position to last week?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, but I think I'm probably hitting it similar, I might have hit it a bit better last week but hitting it pretty much the same. But I wasn't putting -- even though I might have putted okay, it didn't feel comfortable whereas this week it feels a lot more comfortable on the greens, so I feel like we can continue.

Q. The obvious question is whether you've learned anything?
JOHN PARRY: I think come the situation, I'll probably find I have learned something but it's not one of them things that you can put your finger on one thing in particular. But when I get out there, probably just a bit more experience and then take it from there.
You see players like Harrington, took him a while, he kept finishing second and now he's won three majors. So you can learn like he has and you'll do all right.

Q. Ryder Cup down the road next week; I take it you look back with great fondness on Walker Cup?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, I guess it's the same sort of thing as The Ryder Cup atmosphere, maybe not on quite as high a level or as big but I enjoyed that.

Q. Same kind of excitement and anxieties?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, gives you good experience, 10,000 people there watching you, it gives you a bit of experience coming to the pro game.

Q. What are your thoughts on this tournament next week then, who is going to win, who is going to do well, what are your expectations?
JOHN PARRY: I haven't got any clue. I don't really watch any American golf so I don't really know half the team.
So looking on paper, I'd say our team is stronger, know the course better. But I haven't got a clue. We thought that last time, didn't we, we had a stronger team and we lost. So you never know, do you, in match play.

Q. And it is something that excites you watching?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, watching it, the atmosphere is amazing but you probably don't see as much golf as you do on TV, so I'll probably just watch it at home.

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