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September 24, 2010

James Morrison


Q. Another good round, are you happy with that one?
JAMES MORRISON: Yeah, absolutely. I didn't play as well as yesterday but I scrambled better, good up-and-downs, also still played very well. It wasn't a terrible round of golf but to finish bogey and I had a good birdie chance on the last and didn't make that. So a little bit frustrating, but I'm still in touch, two rounds to go.

Q. The field has not gone away anywhere today?
JAMES MORRISON: A bit rainy and windy compared to yesterday. Greens are a little bumpy with traffic, plenty of fourballs and come tomorrow the greens should be better and go from there really.

Q. Going on the Marly tomorrow, what do you think of that one?
JAMES MORRISON: They are both pretty similar. There's no real difference. They are both scorable. I mean, the winning score is going to be at least 20 I think by the end of Sunday afternoon, so quickly making birdies. If you go low, you go low. Both courses are as easy as each other really.

Q. Obviously after your success early in the season, it's nice to be back in that position up there again?
JAMES MORRISON: Definitely, it's been a bit of a scramble the middle of the year, more expectations than anything else. Putting more pressure on myself than I ever have done and should be the other way around. But expectations and further success, you want to try and strive for that.

Q. Was that what happened, you were expecting more of yourself?
JAMES MORRISON: Yeah, putting more pressure on myself to try and do really, or to keep doing as well and winning and as you know, you can't win it Thursday afternoon but you can win it Sunday afternoon. I was trying to win it Thursday and putting too much pressure on myself and was frustrating. Nothing to do with my golf swing, but to do with my head and I'm through that now.
I've learnt, spent some money, done what I need to do to get over that, and I'm now back to just playing golf and focusing on playing golf again.

Q. What was the difference today?
JAMES MORRISON: Played not as good yesterday but I scrambled better today, some good up-and-downs, but a couple of 3-putts I think, which is unusual. Played half-decent, too, and I think on this golf course, there's so many opportunities to score, you've got to be patient with it.
And I was patient with it and I had a poor finish, I finished bogey par, where I made bogey on 17 and had a good chance at the last and missed that. All in all I'm still in touch with the leaders and it's a good spot to be in come the weekend.

Q. Pretty messy conditions?
JAMES MORRISON: It wasn't nice when the Refs are telling you, a big storm coming in in 15 minutes when you try and -- it always seems to rain when it's the key shot of the day or a 3-wood on a par 5 over water.
And then on the first downpour I was on the 8th, about 5-foot for par and managed to hole it. But couldn't come at worse a time really, but you've just got to deal with it and get on with it.

Q. You're in a fine position on the weekend; has not happened in a while?
JAMES MORRISON: Yeah, that's been disappointing, but I love being in the mix. That's where I'm going to play my best golf and every time I've been in contention this year, I've kicked on. So going into the weekend, I feel I've got the edge over some people; yet, I've had success and I have exemptions compared to other people.
But, I play my best Sunday afternoon under the gun, which I love it, to me, it's why I want to play golf and why I want to be out here. That's why I've been a bit frustrated the last few weeks because I know I'm good under pressure and trying to get myself there, as opposed to just playing golf to get there. I'm back there again now and looking forward to the weekend, should be a good test.

Q. Having said what you said about your girlfriend, did you speak to her last night?
JAMES MORRISON: Yeah, she's pleased. Spoke to her last night. She's normally with me full-time, so she's not happy that she's not here but she's loving watching me on TV. Said to me this morning, day plan: Go to the gym, meet a friend for lunch and go back and watch it on TV and did that, had the cameras with me. So if I do what I'm told, life's easy, isn't it, really. Gave her a little wave, said hello a couple of times. That's the whole fun of it now, I'm used to the cameras, embrace it and enjoy it, which I have done.

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