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September 23, 2010

Thomas Bjorn


Q. Thomas, a round of 70 out there, should it have been a bit less?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, it should have been. I played really nicely and I left a couple out there in the end, which was a bit disappointing. I got on a good stretch from the 10th hole where I played very, very nice, and just left a couple out there in the end, but that's the way golf is sometimes. You've just got to take all the good stuff that was there today and work on it tomorrow.

Q. Do you enjoy this Pro-Am format?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, I do. It's quite nice. I think we are a lot more relaxed than we are in normal tournaments, so you're just out there enjoying yourself, playing with a couple of really nice guys. No, we enjoyed ourselves. But there's also times in the round where you get down to work and you get concentrating on your game.
But I quite enjoy it. I think it's a good format and it shows more the light side of the Tour I think.

Q. I know you can't wait, next week is The Ryder Cup, we have all been talking about it. Colin Montgomerie came out in the press yesterday and said that the pairings are known; he's told the players who they will be paired with for the fourballs on the Friday. Why have you told them so soon?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Well, I haven't been involved in that. That's for Monty to decide how he wants to do it.
I'm quite sure it's easier for the players if they know what they are going to do when they get in there so they can prepare in that way, and it's nice to know who your partner is when you're going to go out and play. So.
I'm sure he's thought about it that way and we'll go out there and play our practise and see if everybody is on form and then we'll stick to his plan.

Q. And then he said also that all 12 players will play on the Friday; do you think that's a good idea?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Well, I think over the years, Europeans have shown that the guys who play a lot of matches get very tired for the singles. We have such a strong team in depth, so if you can play all 12 every day, it gives a few of the guys a little bit more rest and prepares them for the singles.
Sunday is a very important day. You play for 12 points and that's the day where you really want everybody to be fresh. So, if you can, yeah, it's a good idea to play everybody every day.

Q. Monty was here yesterday as the ambassador, how much chat have you had with him?
THOMAS BJÖRN: I've spoken to him quite a lot over the last few weeks over the phone and when we see each other. We get on well and we are quite confident that we have got a team that can win.
So I also think the team behind him is there 100 per cent for him and he feels very comfortable with that team and that's why he's in contact with us all the time; that he feels he gets good information and he make some good decisions.

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