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September 23, 2010

Robert-Jan Derksen


ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: It was good. We got off to a good start. Yeah, some nice irons, actually. I drove the ball well and I hit them quite close today.
But in the beginning it was a bit slow and I had to get used to the greens which are a little bit moister and wetter in the morning. They looked a little bit quicker than I thought they were. So I struggled a little bit with the pace, but overall made some nice birdies coming in, and a very satisfying start.

Q. We stand here blessed with conditions, but you were out there in that huge downpour.
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: Yeah, it was just only -- because this course we play so far away from the clubhouse, it was only about half a minute or something. So it wasn't bad at all. So no complaints my side.

Q. Lovely place, isn't it?
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: Yeah, it is. I have to say I love France and I think it's a really nice course. It's a course, actually, one of the members told me it's not that old actually, but it looks quite old-fashioned which is nice I think. It's not the longest but you need to be accurate and that's good.

Q. Hidden away, just a gem.
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: It is. It's a nice place and I think it's typical, enjoying life, French-style golf course. It's perfect.

Q. Is there a difference between the two courses?
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: Difficult to say. I would say it's definitely a difference between the holes in the open and the holes in the trees, but either course has a few holes into the trees, so I would say it's very similar.

Q. A different type of tournament this week; it's about the team.
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: Yeah, it is, fantastic. I'm playing with a friend of mine and we had good fun. We had a good start. He played pretty good, got it to 9-under for the team.
So I think that's a good start, as well. Yeah, we enjoyed ourselves. I think it's good we knew -- I followed him and we knew he's going to play. So it's different, but it's sort of like an enjoyable moment because it doesn't happen that often.

Q. Tell me a little around him, because some of the guys are coming here and just being lumbered with another player, but at least you've be invited your man?
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: Yeah, he's from my home club in Holland, Hilversumsche, where we play the Dutch Open and I've played with him a few times before so I knew his game quite well and sometimes I'm able to help him a little bit as well which is good.
Yeah, I think it's nice just to -- of course it's not that easy for us but it's nice to have somebody with you which you know which you can talk to, so yeah, I'm blessed with that.

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