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September 23, 2010

Jean-Francois Remesy


JEAN-FRANCOIS REMESY: 8-under, no bogeys, so I can't say I didn't play very well. It's very nice. It's a long time since I've played on The European Tour, since the French Open. I'm not playing a lot of tournaments but in France once again so really, really motivating me. I really enjoy to play in France, and I played with Raphaƫl Jacquelin, which is a friend of mine, Jacky which is my partner in the company, and Guy Forget. It was a very nice group, so we really enjoyed the day, and everything was in a good way with me. So it's very nice.

Q. And you say the motivation was there on the first tee, it wasn't a case of let's turn up and see how this it goes having not played all that often?
JEAN-FRANCOIS REMESY: Well, every time I try to go on the golf course and I try to do my best, and if it's coming as really quick, you know, I'll just go back like in my little place and so everything was nice. I had some good feedback about the swing. I was really concentrate and really no stress. So it was nice.

Q. It does beg the question why we don't see it more often?
JEAN-FRANCOIS REMESY: You know, I lost the card in 2008 and I would like to take a break. I still continue hitting a lot of balls during the weeks, but I didn't want to play -- I played maybe in six or seven tournaments this year. So I just hit some balls, so the strike is there, but you know, I'm just enjoying to play in France. Everything was in a good way and I had good putting. So it can go really, really low here, you can see the scores.

Q. You take it you are enjoying life?
JEAN-FRANCOIS REMESY: Yeah, definitely. I have no stress. I don't have to prove anything. I've got four years to go on the Senior Tour, so I want to keep my game. I want to keep my game and that's the reason I asked for an invite because I know that my strike is good. So I'm just pleased, like SFR give me the invite.
I'm very happy. Well, it's only one day, but, you know, I'm on a good way to make a good weekend. So that's what I like.

Q. You do know you're too young to consider the Senior Tour. There's a tour out here?
JEAN-FRANCOIS REMESY: It's only four years, and I had 25 years, and I had to take a little break. I was a little bit tired. Now I really enjoy and I really like to play golf, as always but without stress, and so the results, it's coming. It's great. But nothing for the future and nothing I've changed. I still continue to enjoy the game.

Q. As a too many event, how did your partner get on?
JEAN-FRANCOIS REMESY: Yeah, he was very happy to play with us. My partner, he was a little bit stressful at the beginning but it's quite normal. We spend a good time. I hope the weather is going to stay like this for the weekend. You know, we all were patient and we really enjoyed it and that's a big difference for me.

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