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September 23, 2010

John Parry


JOHN PARRY: I birdied the first, I had a good putt, I bogeyed the second, and then I had four in a row where I really didn't really hole any, like I was hitting it to three-foot and stuff and stopping it, so it was nice.
I think I got it 8-under through 12, so I was looking at I thought a good chance of 59. Then missed a birdie putt on the par 5, so that sort of stopped the momentum, really. I think I parred through the par 5, which if anything to be disappointed about, that was it.
But really, 16 greens and made it seem quite easy. The courses are pretty easy, as well, in the rough is not up, they are quite short and the greens are good, as well. So you can make some birdies, make some putts.

Q. Johan Edfors finished 11-under and he said there was a period during his round where he was thinking 59 is on and he's almost disappointed.
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, we said in the practise round that I think somebody is going to shoot 59. I didn't know which course is going to be easier but looking at it, the one we played today looks like the scores are better. They are similar, maybe one is a little more tricky. If the weather stays good, the fairways are pretty bouncy, and the greens are soft, and good, so it's a good combination for shooting low numbers. There's not much rough.
I don't think it's a good thing sometimes thinking about trying to, when you're shooting 7- , 8-under, you're not really thinking about anything, and then you start thinking 59. That's when you sort of get in your way of it.

Q. And you did, you got in your way a little?
JOHN PARRY: I don't think I did that much, but you sort of are thinking about 59, and then you have a few pars, so it's pretty much gone, and you sort of think, it's a bit of a downer. It takes the momentum away, and 8-under, playing well, just keep doing it that way.

Q. What is the lowest you've shot?
JOHN PARRY: 9 last year on The Challenge Tour. So I think if you get your putter going around here, I think this might get you close to a 59.

Q. Clearly this is a continuation of the good round in Austria?
JOHN PARRY: Yeah, last sort of, I think if I make this cut, which I should do, it will be six in a row, which is the best I've done all year. The last sort of four tournaments, I've been sort of Top-25, and it's getting better.
So I think I'm just on a good run. I think it's a routine of shooting lower scores. When you get in a routine of shooting bad scores, it seems hard. But when you get in a routine of shooting low scores, it seems quite easy.
Last weekend didn't work out as well as I wanted. I think basically the way I looked at it is, where did I go wrong, work on that.

Q. Where did you go wrong?
JOHN PARRY: I just didn't hole putts. Hit it quite good; I may be hit a couple of looser shots in the last two rounds, which I didn't in the first two, because I think I might have made one bogey. I didn't bogey, so that made me drop a couple but generally hit it pretty similar.

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