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September 23, 2010

James Morrison


JAMES MORRISON: It was good fun. Been playing nicely. It was fun to putt a good score together. Course suits me down to a tee to matter to being patient and putting up a good score.
Q. What is it about the courses that suits?
JAMES MORRISON: Good short game, good putting, not overly long courses. Any golf course like this, I can play, I am happy.

Q. Sounds like it's been frustrating of late?
JAMES MORRISON: Frustrating in the way of, as you know, it's my rookie year and to do so well so fast, yes, I was expecting it, but it's taken me a bit of time to get used to it. And obviously you're buying houses, cars, and life changes so much because it's something you dream as a boy of doing, and now I'm doing it.
It's taken me a bit of time to get used to it, plus such a strong start and expected to win it every time I tee it up. And first nine holes, if I'm over par, tournament is finished. It's taken me time to kind of get the expectations off my shoulders and just play golf and I feel I'm doing that now.
When I just play golf and have fun, I play well, because the start of the year, I had a bad ranking and I just played golf and wasn't going to play every week and just played week-to-week and played great.
Now I've got a plan and I've put so much pressure on myself and I shouldn't be. I mean, why have pressure? I'm in everything the end of the year, playing all of the big events, category three out here, already made half a million Euros, what's there to be mad at.
My fiancée gave me a really good talking to, gave me some truths and it's really sunk in and KLM was a big turnaround for me. Didn't play great but attitude was great and finished 22nd in the end which the best result for a while and it's coming to here really. Started slowly but kept my head on straight and end up shooting 66.

Q. Sounds like you did need that conversation, because it's hard to think of the fact that there might be some negatives when there have been so many positives?
JAMES MORRISON: Exactly with me, I'm a very honest person especially to myself and I knew I was being a complete moron and just put it into perspective for me, and what's what I love her for, she's very much like that, she'll say it as it is and that's what you need around you. I'm very grateful to her.

Q. And you have spent some of that money from earlier in the year?
JAMES MORRISON: A little bit. I'm not a huge, huge spender but I've bought a few things. Yeah, I mean, I've bought a few things.

Q. But you enjoyed that side?
JAMES MORRISON: Very much so. Very much so enjoyed it. And I want to do that for the rest of my career. I don't want to be kind of a hit one minute and playing poorly the next minute. This is where I feel I want to be and obviously proved that I can play here and I have loftier goals than just keeping my goals.
That is what was frustrating me so much, because it was happening so fast, and finally got my head back on straight and I want to be able to enjoy those things. So want to lose this feeling and I want to keep having this feeling. Happy where I am now.

Q. Before I let you go, I have to ask you about the feelings of playing in the Pro-Am, you do know something of the player you're playing with?
JAMES MORRISON: Yeah, I met him this morning on putting green, he's a banker, lovely bloke, super bloke. He's off a six handicap, too, so he can play and he's a member and didn't get in the way and he's a good golfer himself. We got 8-under par ourselves in the team event which is pretty much up there I think. Nice guy. I mean, I enjoy Pro-Am formats because it gets me away from my golf and it gets you zoned into what you're doing. It's nice to have a chat with him the way around and enjoyed 18 holes of just trying to make a score.

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