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September 23, 2010

Andrew McArthur


Q. Tell us about the start?
ANDREW McARTHUR: Quite happy with it. Missed quite a few putts, as well, but the course is pretty playable. But obviously to get a decent start's pretty important. You know, I knew I was on the easy course, so you feel as if you have to somehow post a number.

Q. Is the one course genuinely that much easier than the other?
ANDREW McARTHUR: I thought so. I thought -- I played that one yesterday, I don't know if it's because I had maybe flown on Tuesday when I played the other one, but the one I played today, I played yesterday and I thought it was just there for the taking.

Q. It's a lovely start considering the length of time, as well. We didn't really expect to see you this soon?
ANDREW McARTHUR: I know, we were saying that all the way down just how good it was, because even first out was only 8.20, which is, you know, a relatively long lie in for first out. Perfect, just go at your own pace. We were playing with good amateurs, as well. The one guy was plus four and the other was maybe an eight.

Q. What can you tell me about your partner, Andrew Tampion, your teammate?
ANDREW McARTHUR: I played with him at St. Omer in the tournament. He just hits it lovely. I don't know what age he is, but he's a young boy, just absolutely flushes it.

Q. And it's good that your introduction to him isn't on the first tee here.
ANDREW McARTHUR: No, just seemed to get along okay. Actually he probably played a lot better than me at St. Omer, but missed the cut, he holed absolutely nothing.

Q. Pretty sure I saw you at St. Omer and Madeira, but I guess it hasn't been the very best of years, has it?
ANDREW McARTHUR: No, dreadful. My scoring, when I've played well, like today, even I've shot 6-under but I missed probably five, six putts inside of 12 feet. So story of the year, when I play well, I don't seem to capitalise, and when I play poorly, just shoot 75, 76 and all of a sudden you're missing cuts. It's not really a happy day.

Q. Just plays with your mind when you're missing putts?
ANDREW McARTHUR: Absolutely. I've looked at the stats, as well. I've not driven it as well as I have in previous years, either. I missed a lot of fairways, I think it's down 50 per cent, so a lot more out there today. That's the key.

Q. This kind of round is a wonderful start?
ANDREW McARTHUR: Absolutely. Onwards and upwards.

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