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September 23, 2010

Hunter Mahan


Q. What was most challenging about today's round for you?
HUNTER MAHAN: Just trying to get it to the hole. It's hard to hit it within 20 feet sometimes where they put the pins.
On the back nine, you've got fairways that are very narrow and it's hard to hit them because they slope. Every one has a nice pitch to it. It's just tough to hit the greens because they're going to hit low, 10, 20, maybe 30 feet, so you've got to be super patient out there.

Q. You're one of only two people who birdied 6. That seemed to be a tough hole. That seemed symbolic of your front nine. What was going well for you on that front nine?
HUNTER MAHAN: I just hit a bunch of fairways on the front nine. I had some wedges in my hand, able to attack some holes. 6 kind of got lucky, I just of hit it just short and it stopped and I left myself an uphill putt. That's what you have to do sometimes, you have to catch a good break just to hit it within 10 to 15 feet.

Q. Are you happy with your score?
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, I think anything under par this week is going to be good. If you can shoot 1-, 2-under par every day, you'd be happy to take it. You've just got to be patient out there and trust your swing.

Q. What's it going to take to win this tournament?
HUNTER MAHAN: I'm not sure. You know, say if 4-under leads, maybe 8 -- if you get to double digits, I can't think you're going to lose, but I wouldn't be surprised if 5-under wins.

Q. This is a premium field, there's only 30 of you out there on the course. Talk about how this differences from other tournaments.
HUNTER MAHAN: It's great. It's quick and fast and only 30 guys. You don't have to -- pace of play is great, greens, course is going to stay good. You don't have 125 guys walking on the greens. It's a little eerie because it's such a small field, you forget how big a tournament it is actually. But it's a lot of fun to play in. And to get to the TOUR Championship, it's an honor, kind of a reward. It's a lot of things. It's special to be here because this is a year long thing and if you make it here, you're doing something right.

Q. Is it hard to focus with next week?
HUNTER MAHAN: No, it's pretty easy. This course is hard and I don't like to play bad, so --

Q. Would you say this is a make or break week for you with so much money on the line?
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, I mean, obviously you want to play well every week and win every week, but I mean, it's just -- you play 30 events a year. I've played on TOUR for -- this is my seventh full year, so that's 210 events. It's a lot of golf for one week to tell me how good I am or anything like that. You know, it's just another week. If you play well, you get a big reward at the end, but you can't play for that. It's just going to get in your way.

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