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September 22, 2010

Thomas Levet


STEVE TODD: Thomas, many thanks for joining us. This is a good tournament for French golf and a week before The Ryder Cup, it's good to be in the spotlight, just your thoughts on the Vivendi Cup this year.
THOMAS LEVET: The Vivendi Cup, I think it's a great idea to have a new tournament. I think any country that has a new tournament like that, it's always a pleasure to have a new tournament on The European Tour, and being French, having an extra tournament in France is always good.
I used to live not too far from here, and I played here that tournament, we played the French PGA on that course before and got beat by one, and it's always good memories to come back here. Let's hope the weather holds up because it's not great at the moment.
You talked about The Ryder Cup next week. When you know that Vivendi is one of the supporters of the candidacy for France, as well, in The Ryder Cup 2018 candidacy, I think it's good that those sponsors saw that they are really strongly behind the bid for France, as well. I think the combination is pretty good.

Q. You've had a quick look around the course this morning, what are your thoughts on it?
THOMAS LEVET: It's quite easy. So far, it's easy, but be careful, that golf course, the wind blows quite well, quite strongly here. So it can become a bit more tricky and when it's no wind like this, you put most of the bunkers out of play, and you drive over them quite easily and when it blows suddenly, it's a different golf course.
We have to be careful because the greens are really undulating and the greens, they are tricky. We'll see what happens but the weather is not that great coming. So I would expect not as low scores as we did today or the day before.

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