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August 14, 2003

Lee Janzen


LEE JANZEN: I felt something about 4:22, is that when it happened? Just taking a wild shot in the dark.

We had no idea about the power outage out there.

Q. When did you find out?

LEE JANZEN: When we walked in the scorer's tent and I couldn't see.

Q. Who do you think this course favors?

LEE JANZEN: I think it favors a guy that's his best. A guy who is wild off the tee normally will probably be frustrated here. And guys that you normally see that are consistent, stay out of trouble and have good short games and manage their games well will probably play well here. Jim Furyk and Mike Weir are two people that you think of, and they are the two people that have won all the majors so far this year, too.

Q. Did you miss any fairways?

LEE JANZEN: I missed plenty. I was in the first cut a couple of times. I probably hit about half the fairways. I guess I missed it in the right spots.

I hit it wide of the fairway on 16. I hit it in the first cut on 17. 4 was a par 5 and I couldn't reach it, anyway, but I had to get up-and-down. I missed it, fortunately, in the spots that I was able to recover everything.

Q. What happened on 18?

LEE JANZEN: I hit a great drive right in the middle of the fairway. I hit a 5-iron. The wind had been blowing out of the west, and for some reason it, was a northwest wind on that hole and I didn't catch it before I hit. And I hit what I thought was a perfect iron shot. My caddie thought I hit it over the green, and I thought it came up short. We were stunned that wasn't on the green and then looking at it as a sure bogey, the way my putt was going -- it hit the back of the hole and dropped in.

Q. From how far?

LEE JANZEN: Off the back of the green, so it had to be 20 feet. I was very fortunate. I made a par, what looked like almost was going to turn into a 6.

Q. (Inaudible)?

LEE JANZEN: Absolutely. Anything under par today is a good job done.

Q. What was it that you did well today?

LEE JANZEN: I guess what I did today, the most positive thing I did today, I putted very well. I hit plenty of bad shots, but I went on to the next shot and did my best on the next shot.

Q. Do you get the sense that tomorrow morning you might be able to take advantage of some cooler conditions?

LEE JANZEN: The greens are smoother and they are drying out as the day goes on, so I think tomorrow the same thing happens. The scores will be better in the morning than they will this afternoon. Or they could be the same; hard tomorrow morning and even more hard in the afternoon.

In a major, you grind it out, do your best, take your lumps and try and recover, and sometimes even par is a great score in majors.

Q. What was more surprising, Mickelson's reemergence or Woods finishing 4- over?

LEE JANZEN: Phil is a fine player. Even if he is not on top of his game, you can look at any fine player and they can muster up whatever it takes just to play well when it counts. Tom Watson has been a great player for 30 years. There's up-and-downs for everybody, and I certainly would not count Tiger Woods out of it after 4-over, either.

Q. How did you play 17?

LEE JANZEN: I hit a good drive up the left side and hit a rescue club in the front right bunker and blasted out to about ten feet and missed it.

Q. Is it the most intimidating hole out here?

LEE JANZEN: That's probably the toughest driving hole, because you know if you miss the fairway there, there's absolutely no chance in the world of hitting the green. Most of the holes, you can't hit the green, but you can at least advance it up near the green. That one, you are probably hitting out to where you have 130-yard shot in. If you hit it in the fairway, you hit it in the green, that's got to be the toughest hole on the course. Fortunately, it's not so tough that you make a huge number by just barely missing a shot.

Q. How are you feeling heading into the next round?

LEE JANZEN: Excited. If I can go out and play well tomorrow, then I'll be in great shape for the weekend.

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