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September 16, 2010

Lauren Jackson


STORM – 87
DREAM - 84

LAUREN JACKSON: I'm just pretty happy right now. I think that we dominated the league this year, which was remarkable, and coming in I never imagined that we could have such an amazing season. That's a tribute to our coaching staff and the people that put the team together, and obviously Sue, like Brian said, my teammates who have been wonderful. I really cannot believe it. Doesn't feel real just yet, but I'm sure later on tonight it will.

Q. Lauren, I wanted to ask you the same thing I asked Sue. That long six-year journey, has it been the most rewarding of the two for you?
LAUREN JACKSON: Look, they're completely different. I think the roads have been completely different, but, you know, after the last six years it's definitely taken us a long time to get back to where we were, and, yeah, I just -- I can't believe it's over. I'm actually kind of sad right now that it's all over.

Q. Lauren, could there have been a more perfect season for one individual player, two M.V.P.s and then the Championship?
LAUREN JACKSON: I don't think so. I did not expect, like I said, to have this sort of season, but it was my teammates. I wouldn't have achieved any of it without the great players that we have on our team. You know, I don't think individually I had the best season I've ever had, but the reason I got the awards was because of my teammates and the people around me and the fact that we were winning games.
Like I said, I don't know if I'll ever be part of a team that's been as good or be at the end of a season and feel like I wish it would all start again because it's been so much fun.

Q. Lauren, two questions. In the first half of the game they seemed to be annoying you or basically keeping things quiet. You broke it open in the second half. Can you talk about what changes you made in order to make that happen?
LAUREN JACKSON: Well, again, my teammates stepped it up and opened me up. Once Swin started hitting those three's, they couldn't guard me as closely, and it made it easy for me to get looks. And like I said, I don't think I've had the best individual season or the best game today, but my teammates have been the best ever, and I don't think I have ever been part of a team as good as this.

Q. Are you going to get an opportunity to celebrate with your teammates, or are you jumping on a plane to Europe?
LAUREN JACKSON: I'm going to try to hold off until Sunday, to get on a plane, but my strength coach will probably yell at me. I'm going to go back to Seattle and spend time with the people in Seattle, and hopefully I'll be on the plane on Sunday over to Worlds.

Q. We know that your team is waiting for you and you talk about the end of this, and that becomes a competition in a couple of weeks and you and Sue will be in opposing sides. How tricky mentally will it be to flip that switch?
LAUREN JACKSON: I don't know. It's been a long season and I'm sad it's over, but right now at the moment I'm going to focus on the next few days and enjoy what we've achieved for the season, because it's another long six, seven eight months coming up for me, and I'm going to go to sleep dreaming about this moment and this day for those six months until we get back.
Can't believe it. I'm just so happy, and it's going to be tough playing against Sue, but we've done it for the last 10 years; we can do it again.

Q. Lauren, in the third quarter seemed like Atlanta was on the verge of putting distance between themselves and you and then Swin hit two, Sue hit one, can you talk about that run?
LAUREN JACKSON: All season long we've been in situations where, you know, we've been down and people start to put a gap on us, and we've had players step up and hit big shots, and that's been the magic of our team really all year.
We've been able to hang on, and then someone does something remarkable and just picks everybody up. So it doesn't surprise me that we won the championship like this but like I said, we've got an amazing team and credit to the people who put it together because our chemistry -- obviously we've been working on it for the last few years, and finally it just paid off.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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