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September 6, 2010

Robin Soderling


4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Does it bother you that you're probably the best tennis player who is not a household name at this point? Do you see winning the Open as a way to get into the Federer/Nadal household name?
ROBIN SODERLING: Well, I never think like that. Of course, you know, I want to win every match that I play. Like anyone else, I'd like to play well in the Grand Slams.
But, you know, I don't think like that.

Q. What is the sort of mental approach to getting ready for a match against Federer or Nadal? You're one of the few guys that has beaten them on these stages.
ROBIN SODERLING: I try to prepare the same for every match. You know, I have my routines. I do the same things. You know, it makes me calm.
So it's no different from any other match.

Q. Henrik Lundqvist, goalie for the New York Rangers.
ROBIN SODERLING: I don't know him. I've spoken to him a couple times, but I don't know him. He's big here in New York.

Q. Can you tell us a little of today's match? Are you getting better in your form?
ROBIN SODERLING: Well, yeah, I think my first match here was not so good. Then I think I played better and better for every match.
I still have some things to improve before I can say I play really well.
But, you know, I think I'm playing better and better. And today was overall a pretty good match.

Q. What improvements specifically do you need to make?
ROBIN SODERLING: I think everything can be better, you know. Again, I'm playing a little bit better, but it can be even better.

Q. You didn't always seem to see eye-to-eye with the umpire. What was that about?
ROBIN SODERLING: Well, she refused me to make a challenge. It never happened to me, ever in my career. So I was a little bit confused. That's it.

Q. Since you were runner-up at the French Open last year, you have been very consistent in the slams. Do you now expect yourself to be at least in the quarterfinals every time?
ROBIN SODERLING: No, no, of course not. I think every match is tough. I really feel that I can go very, very far in the big tournaments. But also I can lose early if I don't play well.
So I have to be a hundred percent focused for every match and play well. Then I have a good chance to compete for the bigger tournaments. But if I'm not playing well, you know, I can lose early.

Q. Looks likely you'll be playing Roger Federer. Do matches like that just pump you up even more, because you seem to get the better out of them than other players? I know you don't prepare differently.
ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah, of course, I think it's always a very nice feeling to play against the world's best. You know, it's matches like that you train for. It's matches like that I've been dreaming of playing since I started playing tennis, you know, playing at the big courts in the big tournaments. It's very fun.

Q. If you do play Federer, are you going to watch the replay of the Del Potro final last year?
ROBIN SODERLING: No, well, you know, I played him so many times, I know his game and he knows mine. I'm pretty sure how I need to play to have a chance to win.
But, you know, it's going to be extremely difficult if I play Roger.

Q. Is there a slight chance for Melzer to win tonight?
ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah, I think he's a great player. He played really well the last year or so. Of course, Roger is the big favorite. But I think if Jurgen plays well, I think anybody can beat Roger, anybody at least in the top 10. I think he had a great year, but he had some losses this year. Of course, there's a chance.

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