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September 6, 2010

Yanina Wickmayer


K. KANEPI/Y. Wickmayer
0-6, 7-6, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What went wrong exactly? Your first set couldn't have been more perfect.
YANINA WICKMAYER: Uhm, yeah, well I played really good first set, but I felt she was not far. I mean, she played really good tennis first set. I won the set pretty easily on the score, but all the games were pretty tough and I had to fight for every point.
I knew second set was going to be a tougher one. Had my chances in the second set and didn't take them. Third set she played really well.

Q. Did you see her changing her strategy in the last two sets?
YANINA WICKMAYER: Uhm, changing strategy? I don't know. She just played really well in the third set. Actually, the whole match didn't make a lot of mistakes, played powerful, started serving better than the first set.
Yeah, I guess she just played well.

Q. Even in the second set, did you still feel confident like you were in control? Did you feel it was slipping away?
YANINA WICKMAYER: Yeah, well, like I said, even the first set she played pretty well. She had a couple of chances of winning a few games but didn't take them. Yeah, I guess I just played a really good first set. I think I kept the level the same in the second set, but she just stepped it up a little bit.
I had my chances in the second set, like I said, but I didn't take them. And that's what happened in the third.

Q. Is it disappointing, particularly after last year?
YANINA WICKMAYER: Well, last year has nothing to do with this year. So this is a different year.
Yes, of course every match you lose is disappointing a little bit. I know I had my chances. I could have won the second set. Yeah, I mean, a lot of bad things happen in life. But that's okay. Still a good match for me. I'm going to learn out of it and take it to the next one.

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