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September 14, 2010

Lauren Jackson


DREAM - 84
STORM – 87

LAUREN JACKSON: I'm really happy we got the win tonight. Those guys played really well again and, you know, we pulled it off, thank God, so I'm happy.

Q. I know one thing at a time but what kind of confidence does this win give you knowing that one more win could take the championship?
LAUREN JACKSON: At this point in time I don't feel overly confident in going to Atlanta. I think that home court advantage plays a big part in the series and going back to Atlanta it will be difficult for us to get the win. So I think we're going to have to keep doing what we do, play defense, better defense all game, and then try and get the win down there.

Q. Lauren, did they do anything different between games one and games two in your mind, or was it more of the same they just did it better?
LAUREN JACKSON: Um, I have no idea. Sorry, I would love to help you out but I don't know.

Q. Lauren why is Atlanta so hard to put away? What makes them linger around and be there by 2 or 3 points at the end?
LAUREN JACKSON: Well, you know, they're one of the best two teams in the league.
They've got great players, they've got players that will never, you know, say "die" and Izzy and all of them, they play really quite hard out there, so it's just one of those things where like I said last game it can be a battle till death, virtually. It's going to be hard.

Q. Lauren, they seemed to do a better job tonight than last time in terms of guarding the perimeter. Was it actually changing the defense? If so can you describe the change or was it that shots just weren't falling?
LAUREN JACKSON: Yeah, I think they did. I think they made sure I didn't get any looks outside, generally speaking. That's okay, though, everyone played well tonight for us, I think we can get better definitely, but, you know, I think they were more focused on stopping me from shooting outside.

Q. Would you like to say anything about the turnout of the fans? What it's done here for Seattle?
LAUREN JACKSON: Our fans have pushed us over the line all of our games this season, and I'm kind of sad the next few games aren't going to be here. But, look, our fans are definitely the best in the league, without a doubt and they've proved it time and time again.
So I would like to thank you for everything and hopefully we can get it done next game.

Q. You said you weren't sure what they did differently, offensive rebounding they were better this game, and was anything more physical down low, stopping you guys from getting in there, blocking you out?
LAUREN JACKSON: There was definitely a lot of contact, and I think it depended on the way they called it, but they played it really well and could have gone either way.

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