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September 3, 2010

Francesca Schiavone


F. SCHIAVONE/A. Bondarenko
6-1, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What a shot. We saw Roger do that shot a few times. A lot of people have been asked if they would do it. Most have said they probably wouldn't unless it was a bizarre circumstance. Talk about the circumstance that led to that shot.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: I don't know. Is instinct, I think. When you calculate that it's good time to do it and good ball to do it, you do it.
So is nothing program. Is just instinct. Is art. Is something that is coming from inside, and you have just to take in a good timing, otherwise the ball fly.

Q. Had you done that in a match before?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Yeah, yeah. Many times. And they told me that they show in the TV the best five shot. The first one was Roger, was amazing. Second one was a rally between Djokovic and Nadal. Third and fourth, I don't know, but men's. And the last one, I was with this one.
Maybe I go a little bit forward, like third place. (Smiling.)

Q. So you're in the US Open top five now?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: I don't know. But I want to see it. Maybe tomorrow I try to take the DVD.

Q. Talk about the match. How do you feel about the way you played?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Was so tough match, but I enjoy so much. First set I think was great. I didn't miss so much. I could play aggressive, also with the serve and with my forehand. I had to change a lot with this one and this one.

Q. Can you describe your thought process as you were making that shot between your legs, and also what you thought right after when you won the point.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: The process is just to calculate how the ball is coming. If is coming too fast, you can't do it. If is coming a little bit slower, you have the time to play a normal shot. But the instinct decide to play that shot.
And after, of course you feel fantastic.

Q. Is it the first time?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: No. You don't follow me. (Smiling.)

Q. How many times have you done that before, and how much do you practice it?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: You are the journalist. You should know. I don't know.
No, I don't practice. Is just something that is came.

Q. Is this the best one of that type of shot?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: I don't know. You have to check if it's the best one. I think one of the best, yeah.

Q. Talk about the next match. What is your experience playing Anastasia? What are you anticipating?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: I think now she is in big shape, because she mix it up between power and running and good defense. I saw her in Cincinnati and Montréal. To win this match would be really tough. She has nothing to lose. But in the same time she is young and has being energy.
So I have to use my experience and all that I have. I can't play easy or 70%, because is not enough.

Q. It's a ways away, but could you take a moment and reflect on the Fed Cup coming up in San Diego. You said before Italy is fortunate to have two really good players, and how you love to play Fed Cup. Can you talk about your feeling about the Fed Cup competition.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Fed Cup is something special I always say. I think is just time to enjoy, because is not the first time that we arrive in finals. Me, Flavia, Roberta, Sara, we have the experience now to enjoy, to give the best, to try to win another time. Why not?

Q. And what about your experience in San Diego? You played the tournament there, obviously.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: No. This year, no. Is long time I don't go in San Diego. But is beautiful city. Will be good experience, not just for USA but also for Italian, too, to come back again everybody together.

Q. And you must love the incredible emotion of Fed Cup. You seem to be so joyous.

Q. Could you talk about that a little bit, what tennis is all about to you.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: I think in Fed Cup you have to give not just for you the best, but also for all your team. And they give a lot to you, so is a good change, exchange, that you keep going to do it.
I like it. I love it. I really hope to give another time the two points or the one point. Depends on the captain.

Q. Would it be a particular challenge to face Serena and Venus?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Oh, fantastic. I'm really happy to do it, because they are No. 1, No. 2, or No. 2, No. 3 in the world. So for us is not just good challenge, but also good chance.

Q. What other women have you seen make that between-the-leg shot?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: You like that, huh? You keep going.
I don't know. I think there are others. In this moment, I don't remember.

Q. You had such a wonderful breakthrough obviously in Paris. A lot of people might have expected you enjoy, sort of lose the rest of the season because you achieved this great thing. You really have seem to have reset yourself perfectly and are putting yourself in position again with another Grand Slam.

Q. Was it mentally difficult to get over that and get yourself ready for the hard court?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Yes, was difficult, but new experience give you the chance to make a new step. So everything that is new is maybe at the start a little bit slow and then came back, because I won the championship at Roland Garros. Is not another person.
I have the chance to play again in a big Grand Slam like this. I want to do well. I have the quality and the opportunity to do it.

Q. So it made you hungrier?

End of FastScripts

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