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September 1, 2010

Venus Williams


7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Venus.

Q. Was it very hot today to play?
VENUS WILLIAMS: It was an interesting day. Not as easy to get a rhythm today because, you know, she served so big and just kind of go for the first shot, and it was really windy, too.
Matches like this, it's just good to, you know, try to play as clean as possible. Try to hopefully get a break and kind of close it out and kind of leave the conditions behind.

Q. Congratulations on your book and your clothing. Are you happy with the way things are going?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, things are going well. I'm getting to live my dream every day, add more and more to my dreams. I'm a hard-working woman.

Q. Did you have a toss issue?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Uhm, well, if I don't like the toss, then I retoss it. Basically what it is.

Q. Sorry for maybe a strange question. We in Russia are celebrating 10 years of success in tennis. Just want to know what do you think about Russian tennis in whole, and 10 years of Russian participation in particular?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I mean, tennis has been revolutionary in Russia in the last I guess 10 years or so. So many great players. I mean, medals at Olympics. You know, Kafelnikov, Dementieva, Safina. So many great people really playing well.
So it's great that they represent their country so well.

Q. You now have played two matches after the two-month layoff. How are you feeling physically, and how far along are you in getting rid of whatever rust you may have had from that layoff?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm really just going match by match. Each match I want to win, so I'm not really thinking about, Oh, you know, kind of dusting off any rust, you know, where I might be. I'm just really trying to bring my best to that match.
So I'm really not trying to measure myself against anything I've done before or what anyone else is doing in this tournament.

Q. What is your level of satisfaction with how your body has responded to the demands of playing two matches, today under great heat and circumstances?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, so far I feel good. I made a quick turnaround this summer to try to get ready for the Open. So, uhm, you know, I'm glad that I'm just in the singles. That way I have the opportunity to recover between rounds and to get ready to play the next one.

Q. What feedback have you gotten from Serena, if any?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, that's between Serena and I (laughter).
But, you know, she's always very positive.

Q. Did you happen to see what happened to Azarenka this morning?

Q. She apparently had fallen in the gym.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I heard she had some bad luck. I don't know what happened.

Q. There's been a lot of conversation about the heat because the thermometer shows it to be very hot. This question comes up with a lot of the players here. We're hearing that out there on Ashe with the wind, it isn't maybe as difficult as one might think looking at a thermometer. Would you agree with that?
VENUS WILLIAMS: The air helps. It keeps the wind moving. When you first walk out there it feels soupy. I think in my match the wind picked up a lot, so it probably helped.

Q. Back to your book. It's a fabulous book. Have you ever thought about turning it into a documentary? Because I think it would be a great tool for kids in high school to learn about life issues and how to cope with that. Have you thought about that or been approached?
VENUS WILLIAMS: No. Sounds like a good idea (smiling). Keep me working. So, you know, I have to explore that.
Obviously, to have it in written form, but also to reach people who may not read as much through our outlets would be really good. Kind of take on another form.

Q. When a person who has won as many tournaments and games as you have in professional tennis approaches something like the US Open, is it proven experience, training, or desire to win that gets you through?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I think all three. Whatever it takes for me to get through, even if it's trying something new, I'm down for it.

Q. Is there any different preparation that you have before a match when you know it's going to be a very hot day like today? Does anything change?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Not really. I mean, try not to spend too much time on the practice court, drink a lot, so...
Nothing too different. Just try to be smart and hopefully win quick.

Q. Did you have a chance to see Roger Federer's shot between his legs the other night?
VENUS WILLIAMS: No, I haven't. But I heard he hits one every year, so...

Q. Is that something you've tried?
VENUS WILLIAMS: You know, my dad would teach us that shot, but Serena and I weren't really keen on learning it. So I think it's something you kind of want to learn as a kid, and you keep trying it and trying it.
We'd do it a little bit, and he could do it, but I guess we didn't see the value. I guess there is value in it now.

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