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September 1, 2010

Francesca Schiavone


6-2, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Two very, very strong performances to open up this Grand Slam campaign. Do you feel very good about the way you're playing and the way you played the last two matches?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Yes. Nothing special, but I think is good, good feeling, particularly physically. That's, for me, very important.
Today was good. The serve I have to improve more. The percentage was a little bit low. But backhand, forehand, as soon as I could, I went to the net. Was good.

Q. What about the conditions on the court? They present a different set of challenges other than the person on the other side of the court. Can you talk about that?
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: I didn't understand.

Q. The heat. The conditions on the court. The temperature. The weather.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: It's hot, but I think it's better today than yesterday. Yesterday was terrible. I work one hour and a half on the courts here. Very hot.
But today was not bad. I stop at 4:00, I think, 3:30. There was a little bit of shadow, so for me was okay.
Maybe was worse at 1:00. But tomorrow is better, the weather. And Saturday, Sunday, there is a Cyclone, how you say?

Q. Hurricane.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Hurricane. I know everything. Monday, Tuesday. (Smiling.)

Q. Are you happy? You said nothing special. Could just explain what you mean by that.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: No, nothing special because I want to serve better. I want to play some more shot aggressive and defensive. I want to became much more stronger, and from baseline go pushing to the net. I want to do this.
But is good way.

Q. Good way to begin?

Q. Are you a big fan of that court? It's been kind to you.

Q. No doubt you want to ask to play there every time.
FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Ah, I should play next round there. (Laughter.)
No, is nice court. I have a good memory from last year with Azarenka.

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