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August 30, 2010

Samantha Stosur


S. STOSUR/E. Vesnina
3-6, 7-6, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Must be a bit of a relief to get through that one.
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, for sure. To get through a first round at a tournament where you've never done that great is always a bit of a relief.
Yeah, as the match went on I thought I played better and better. To get through that is really pleasing.

Q. How are you striking the ball? How are you feeling on the court?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Pretty good. I think I got better as the match went on. It's so lively out there and the balls fly through the air. So if you don't get a good hit on it, you're a little bit late, it's almost impossible to get it back.
For a little bit there it was whoever could get the first strike in during the rally, they were probably going to win it. It was only a couple of points that I think I didn't do that on serve and then I lost serve.
So definitely had to try to turn it around. Yeah, really just trying to feel more comfortable.

Q. Were you getting concerned?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: No. It's never good to be in that position, but I always felt that I could come back from it. Even though I was down and out, I kept trying to fight hard. I think getting the break back early in the second set and then going up a break really helped to keep my mind thinking that I was still in there with a chance.
I actually felt good going into the tiebreak. I felt I'd been playing a little bit better throughout that set. So to win that comfortably I think that kind of rolled through the third.

Q. What about playing Rodionova next?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, it's going to be tricky. We haven't played for many years. She's been playing quite well recently and is never an easy opponent. Definitely going to have to be on my game, yeah, and go out there and play well.

Q. How is the arm? It's all right?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, it's 100% fine again, so pleased with that progress, for sure, to now play another tight three-setter and not have any problems. Hopefully that's going to keep going that way.

Q. When you finish a match, finish a training session, as far as the shoulder and all that is concerned, what do you do? Is it ice packs? Do you get massage? What happens?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: Actually nothing really. There's not a lot I can actually do for it. If it's going to bother me, it's going to be during match or practice.
So if I've got through that all right, then, yeah, it's just a matter of making sure that everything else is moving correctly, and I guess my back's good and things are all in place to try and keep as much pressure off the arm as possible.
But there's nothing, you know, really specific that I can say, I've played this much today, now I have to go and do that.

Q. Did you have a letdown at all after the French Open?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: I think losing first round at Wimbledon, safe to say it's a bit of a letdown, I guess (smiling).
Yeah, I mean, I actually had a decent lead-up tournament to Wimbledon, then it was like I got there and I was done. So, yeah, it was definitely disappointing in that regard.
But I think since then I had two decent results in California before I had to take a couple of weeks out, so I think I've picked it up all right since then.

Q. What's wrong with your shoulder?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: I had some pain just above my elbow during those weeks, so I had to pull out and give it some time to recover.

Q. Any chance that's connected to your new strings?
SAMANTHA STOSUR: No, I don't think so.

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