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March 5, 2004

Craig Parry


JOE CHEMYCZ: We welcome Craig Parry, bogey free 7 under par 65 today. Just talk about, obviously a very good day for you on the golf course.

CRAIG PARRY: Yeah, I played extremely well tee to green. You know, my driver has probably been my best club in the bag over the first two days. It's pretty similar playing in Australia, the way the wind is blowing. I played the Jacob's Creek tournament in Adelaide a couple of weeks ago, and it was pretty much like this.

JOE CHEMYCZ: That tournament at Jacob's Creek, is it Friday or Saturday, the wind was blowing about 35 miles an hour?

CRAIG PARRY: Yeah, it was very similar to out here, except the greens were very hard and very quick. Probably were putting 13 on the Stimpmeter and you really had to control your ball.

I played well in that tournament, and had a week off last week and arrived Monday night here. I was saying to Andrew, I was lucky to make my tee time on the first round. I was asleep at 7:40 and on the tee at 7:54. I was quite lucky to be playing at the tournament. I was lucky my brother woke me up at 7:40.

Q. Your tee time was at what?


Q. Good thing you were staying here.

CRAIG PARRY: Exactly. It wasn't too far to the 10th tee.

JOE CHEMYCZ: I heard you hit one practice ball on Tuesday.

CRAIG PARRY: No, that's a good story. But it was about ten. (Laughter.) But the worst part about it was the dress I was talking to Andrew, it was white golf shoes with black trousers, blue belt, blue shirt and black hat. They said I looked like Duffy Waldorf and I took offense to that. (Laughter.)

No, I was happy to be out there.

Q. Did you get that Tavistock thing straightened out?

CRAIG PARRY: No, I'm not playing. Joe said he couldn't get hold of me.

Q. So you had expressed interest when he talked to you months back?

CRAIG PARRY: He asked me back at the American Express if I wanted to play. I said, yes, and then all of a sudden, he said he tried to get a hold of me, but couldn't get a hold of me. So he announced the team.

Q. You said Wednesday you were putting better after working with that device, has it held up the first two round?

CRAIG PARRY: Yeah, it's definitely helped me. My alignment was out on the putts. My irons were aiming to the left, which has made me aim the putter to the left and I was thinking of putting it on line. It definitely helped me out.

JOE CHEMYCZ: What device was that?

CRAIG PARRY: It looks like Robocop. It's a pair of glasses. Butch Harmon apparently is endorsing it. It's got a couple of lines that just helps you with your alignment.

JOE CHEMYCZ: And your birdie at 11.

CRAIG PARRY: Said I'm driving well, but I hit drove it in the bunker on the right and then hit 3 iron out to about 20 feet and 2 putted. That was a good second putt because I thought it was downgrain, downwind and left it quite a long way short.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Did you leave anything out there or was that it?

CRAIG PARRY: I'm not complaining. Any time you shoot 65 out here, you've played really well.

You know, a couple of times I got up and down out of the bunker, on No. 9 and No. 18. You know, they could quite easily be bogeys and you're not walking away with 65.

Q. You said on Wednesday you were playing well, but given it's been a while since you've been on the leaderboard over here, are you at all surprised at how well you played today?

CRAIG PARRY: I think just everything fell into place. You know, it was just one of those things, just going along quite nicely and not feeling as though there's any pressure out there and just playing the golf course. Because I was driving the ball well, that was obviously helping me out. My iron shots have been pretty good other than really, 17, 18.

Q. More premium on the drives because of the wind?

CRAIG PARRY: Oh, definitely. You've got to be able to control your ball flight as well as hit it on line. You do play on a lot of cross wind holes and you have to be able to know where you're going to hit it, really, because the ball is running quite a long way out there. And I think that's the way golf should be played as well, firm fairways, so the guys that hit it straight get rewarded.

End of FastScripts.

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