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September 12, 2010

Sue Bird

Lauren Jackson


STORM – 79
DREAM - 77

SUE BIRD: It was a tough game, obviously it came down to the end, and I don't think we played our best but we still got the win. This is the Finals, it's never going to be easy and we're happy about that, but we know game two is going to be very, very important.
LAUREN JACKSON: I'm happy we won game one. It wasn't the prettiest game and I think we can get better. Pretty much like last game (Away from mic.)

Q. Would you each talk about what it is in your makeup that you want the ball at the end of the game, and, Sue, did you know as soon as the ball left your hand that it was going in?
SUE BIRD: I can't speak for both of us, but I think I'm going to be able to. (Away from mic.) Definitely for me at an early age that was just something that happened, you know, whether it's AAU or high school, into college, now WNBA it's just something that -- situations I was put in at a very early age so it's kind of -- I don't know, you get confident the more you do things and the more successful you are at them, and I think at this point in my career, it's something that I enjoy.
Those situations are fun, especially when they go in! As far as the shot goes, I was able to get a really good look and it was a pull-up, which is what I like, and swish!

Q. (Away from mic.) It's so fun in games to see that and with 2.8 seconds, it's great.
SUE BIRD: Sure, keep it interesting. This time it was different, actually it was in my hands to create in Phoenix but the way they did the pick-and-roll I was able to get a look, and to be honest, I got a similar look about, I don't know, 30, 45 seconds earlier, and it didn't go in so maybe that helped.

Q. -- it's a huge thing. At this point in your career you talked about the game slowing down for you, you see things so well. Was that the case at the end, you could just see it that way?
SUE BIRD: A little bit, you know, because they hadn't covered our pick-and-rolls for the majority of the second half and I had a feeling that -- I had a feeling if I went off the pick and brought it back to the same side that I came from I would be able to get a good look. Like I said, I got virtually the same look 45, a minute earlier so I had an idea that I was going to get it. It just played out well and then, you know, once you're in your shooting form, nothing else to think about but trying to knock it in.

Q. Laura, can you talk about Atlanta being known for rebounding and their defense and you guys outrebounded them today. Can you talk about how huge that was?
LAUREN JACKSON: (Away from mic.) Yeah, they're a great team offensively and defensively and rebounding is a huge thing and it was good for us to get game one out of the way and to be able to move forward and look at things and work on what we need to do to get better and we're not going to set back and rest, we're going to come back and work on what we need to for Tuesday.

Q. Guys, talk about the pace of the game, still in the 70s, but they ran you up and down and turned you over more than you wanted for sure?
SUE BIRD: Yeah, that's something we're going to have to go back and look at. They led the league in creating turnovers, so we know that. Doesn't mean it's going to be easy, because it isnt, but we know they like to do that. But they like to take it (Away from mic.) And we saw that early and we saw that often. Every time we were able to establish ourselves and get a lead we would have a couple of turnovers and they just went out and ran and they got a few points that way.
Anytime you can get easy baskets -- (Away from mic.) So for us it's definitely something we have to work on to take care of the ball.

Q. Sue, did you have to convince Brian to give you the ball in your hands?
SUE BIRD: No, actually -- last game against Phoenix T. had the ball and was creating and looking for Lauren afterwards. So he had me taking the ball up the court running the pick-and-roll and I was like "Why didn't you give it to T. and we'll do the same thing," and he was like, "No, you have the ball," and that's how it worked out.

Q. Lauren, can you talk about offensively getting involved early.
LAUREN JACKSON: (Away from mic.) It wasn't perfect and I think everybody wanted to pull together and -- (Away from mic.) We definitely didn't feel like we won anything special right now and it was important just to -- (Away from mic.) We've got so many --
SUE BIRD: We wanted to get her the ball the first half as much as possible to get things established, that was definitely what we talked about.

Q. It seemed like a particularly important game that Camille had. Can you talk about that?
SUE BIRD: She was the key to the game, and every time they made a run, every time, you know, we relaxed, Camille was the one to step up, whether it be a defensive stop or a 3-point play, and she had the energy, she was encouraging the rest of the team.
That's something Camille has done for us the entire season. If I had to pick a team hero, it would be Camille. Especially -- getting in foul trouble that messes things up, and they had Angel in foul trouble, which messes up your pattern and your routine, but Camille did a great job tonight.

Q. Sue, you joked about it, getting the ball, but you guys have multiple different options, you handling the ball or T. handling the ball. Talk about that.
SUE BIRD: That's the beauty of our team, and that's what we've seen pretty much every game this season. Anytime we've been in critical situations, Sw in took a big shot, Camille, myself, T., everybody. Everybody has been in that situation and it is nice to have that, and even better it's nice to have five players on the court who are more than willing to take those shots or make the play. When you have that it's dangerous, it's hard to defend.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you for joining us.

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