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September 12, 2010

Matt Kuchar


Q. Nice run on the back side. You scared everybody a little bit.
MATT KUCHAR: It was good. I was really excited to see myself after 17, looked like I had a shot, and I didn't realize Dustin had hit it so close, as well, on 17, kind of went for it on 18 and hard to believe I missed a straight uphill four-footer.

Q. You're still going to be No. 1 going into Atlanta. There's a reset, which is actually too bad for you because you'd be way ahead if there wasn't, but congratulations on so far what's been a great playoff run.
MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, a bit of a bummer. I guess they've got to tweak it. I always thought the system worked out pretty well, but I might have some more comments after the TOUR Championship.

Q. This week off has got to be just huge for you coming up.
MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, I'm really excited about that. I'll actually get a chance to play East Lake a couple more times being at home. I'm looking forward to getting a few more practice rounds in and get some home course knowledge.

Q. How many million times have you played East Lake?
MATT KUCHAR: Not millions. I've probably played it 30 or 40 times, probably three or four times a year is what I would average.

Q. Do you like it?
MATT KUCHAR: Sure, yeah, it's a fun course to play. There's a history there. It's a special place. Every time I go in the clubhouse I get goosebumps looking at all the Bobby Jones memorabilia. It's a fantastic place, and the course is just a simple setup, but it's a challenge at the same time.

Q. All told for you, obviously didn't get off to the start you wanted, but overall what do you get out of the day, the way you were able to fight back?
MATT KUCHAR: It was good. I got off to a bad start and was able to battle back, got my name up on the leaderboard, and after I made that birdie on 17 I thought I had a chance with a birdie on 18. I didn't realize Dustin Johnson had stuck it on 17, as well. And then a bummer, finishing with a three-putt. I was kind of thinking maybe if I made that putt on 18, I might sneak into a playoff. But I ran it four feet past and unfortunately missed it.

Q. Overall what do you take out of the week? You were able to barely move and yet you were able to contend. What does that say about your game?
MATT KUCHAR: I'm really happy with my performance this week, considering how bad I was feeling. I wanted to pull out of the tournament. I wanted to not play. I wanted to go home and get some rest in, and to be able to battle through and have a top 5 finish, I'm really pleased with it.

Q. How will you work an East Lake round into your prep and how excited are you about going into East Lake?
MATT KUCHAR: Nice to be home. I'm looking forward to some rest but I'll also get over to East Lake a couple times. I live about 20 minutes from the course so get a few extra practice rounds in.

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