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September 12, 2010

Nick Watney


Q. Great job for 17 holes. Take us through those. We won't talk about 18.
NICK WATNEY: Yeah, I played very well today. Wind was up a touch, and a little tricky. I played very, very well. The last hole, I mean, I drove it up against the woods so I had to lay up, and then I hit what I thought was a really good shot, and it spins in the hazard. It's just too bad.

Q. Were you scoreboard watching all day? You knew going out you had to kind of at least maintain where you were and maybe even play a little better. You did that, but were you scoreboard watching all day?
NICK WATNEY: I mean, I knew I had to play a good round, so in the middle watching the scoreboard didn't really do me any good. I kind of figured I was in when I was playing well, and I think I'm going to make it, but it was a lot harder than it should have been.

Q. You did make it exciting. Going on to Atlanta, thinking that you are, does a week off really help? It's been a grind.
NICK WATNEY: Yeah, definitely. Looking forward to taking a week off and just not doing much and getting after it at the end of the week. Yeah, I'm very excited to hopefully play Atlanta. It's a goal at the start of every year, and it's one more chance to try to win. So I'm excited.

Q. As good a year as you've had, has too much been put into the Playoffs? Would you like to see it changed a little bit, because you were probably in a lot better shape coming into the Playoffs than you are now. Guys got hot in the Playoffs and they're in and you might not be. Or do you like this?
NICK WATNEY: Well, I think that's what it's designed to be like. If it wasn't as volatile as it is, then the guys that are 110th or whatever don't really have much to play for. So I think it is what it is, and it's just we're a couple more years into it now. Hey, if they're going to call it the Playoffs, there's got to be some kind of elimination. I think it's a decent system as it is.

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