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September 12, 2010

Robert Allenby


Q. You always make it interesting when you're out there playing. Were you watching the numbers as you went around today because you were right there all day?
ROBERT ALLENBY: I know, I was watching it all week, every shot I played. When I got told I had to finish inside the top 37 at the start of the week, thanks Bothy, I knew exactly what I needed to do, but I just wasn't playing well and I haven't played well the last few weeks since I've been back from knee surgery. It's there, but it's just not quite there.
But you know, I'm happy to finish off the way I did. It was a nice birdie at 17 to give myself a little bit of a breather. I don't think I can finish outside the top 30 now, so that's kind of nice.
Yeah, I mean, it's kind of funny, here I am thinking that I've got to play -- I've got to shoot at least level par to probably stay in the top 30, so I had my own tournament within a tournament. The only problem is I was beating myself up. I wasn't playing against anyone else, I was only playing against myself, and that's probably worse than playing against everybody else.

Q. If anybody could use a week off right now, it's you. How do you feel? How are you doing?
ROBERT ALLENBY: A bit mentally drained I will admit. Obviously I've had a good year so far, and it's a shame that I got injured and wasn't able to play Akron and the PGA. But still, you know, now I've just got to work hard this week and get my fitness back to where it needs to be. I'm just not fit enough. So I've got a week to work on that and try and get my game where it needs to be for the TOUR Championship.

Q. Did you know where you were coming down the stretch?
ROBERT ALLENBY: Oh, yes, I saw. I knew I needed to make a birdie at 16 or 17. After not making birdie at 15, I just knew I needed to make a birdie and then hopefully rely on a couple of guys who are around par or 1-under or something to make a couple of mistakes. But yeah, I was happy when I walked in there and it said I was 27th. That was kind of nice, a bit of a breather.

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