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September 12, 2010

Bo Van Pelt


Q. Not the best of Sundays, and yet it might turn out to be a just fine Sunday when it's all said and done.
BO VAN PELT: Yeah, I didn't play that bad. I hit some good shots on the front and just didn't turn out very well, didn't knock it close enough. With these greens you've got to knock it close; you're probably not going to make any long ones.
I was disappointed the way I played. It's obviously out of my hands now, so we'll see if it's good enough.

Q. Were you watching? Did you know?
BO VAN PELT: No, obviously getting off to a bad start I knew I was making it interesting. If I would have just played halfway decent it was a foregone conclusion, so it was totally my fault I put myself in that position.

Q. You just might be the one to knock Rickie out.
BO VAN PELT: I played pretty well all year, top 20 on the Money List, but with FedEx points you never know what's going to happen. Hopefully it doesn't come down to one guy that kicks me out.

Q. I talked to J.B. about that and he came in, also, on the right side going in just like you did, and he had a bad tournament, and now he's done. Gee whiz, you miss two cuts all year and you're out. Would you like to see things change a little bit, reward regular season play more?
BO VAN PELT: You know, there are still rewards from regular season play. When you're dealing with 180 guys somebody is going to be happy and somebody is not. FedEx is a great sponsor and these tournaments are great. The top 30 has become such a big deal as far as getting you in the World Golf Championships and the majors. But it seems like top 30 Money List end of the year is a pretty good determinant of who the top 30 players are. It seemed like that worked for a long time.

Q. You'd like to see it lean a little bit more that way than the points then?
BO VAN PELT: No, I mean, we'll see. It's still a great deal. I just want to get in, and the bottom line is for me if I would have handled my business this week, I would have been in. I was in good shape going into this week and just didn't play well here. If I don't make it, it's my own fault.

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