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September 11, 2010

Ryan Moore


JOHN BUSH: Ryan Moore joins us here in the interview room at the BMW Championship, currently sits at 8-under par through 54 holes after a 5-under 66 today. Ryan, today was a little bit more like round 1 for you. Just comment on another great effort.
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, you know, it was a lot like round 1, which amazingly enough was not too unlike round 2. I hit it really well yesterday. I played well. It was just one of those days where I just got absolutely nothing out of it. It was a little bit frustrating, but at the same time, I felt good about my game. It didn't hinder me too much going into today. I was excited to go play again and fortunately had another good round.

Q. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you not wear the tie yesterday and you wore it the day before and now you've worn it today?
RYAN MOORE: No, I wore it yesterday.

Q. Just a different color?
RYAN MOORE: No, it was actually the same one as yesterday, so it redeemed itself. (Laughter.) It almost didn't make it back out. But I had to give it one more chance.

Q. Obviously you're the only guy out here wearing a tie when you play golf. What's a little bit behind the idea of it and what made you think of it?
RYAN MOORE: Well, I love the old classic golf look, and you know, I'm a little disappointed that it's gone away completely. I mean, it really doesn't exist anymore.
You know, just my little effort to -- just to bring that look back a little bit and kind of let people see today what it used to look like a little bit. It's certainly my own version of it, but it's close.

Q. Have you heard any funny comments by people in the gallery? Has anything stood out, people saying things to you?
RYAN MOORE: You know, I'm surprised, I don't get that much grief about it. And mostly everybody absolutely loves it. I've actually been very surprised by how everybody has responded to it in a really positive way.

Q. There's got to be one more tie question, sorry. You said the classic look. Is there someone from the past specifically that when you look at the photos you kind of model yourself after or are inspired by?
RYAN MOORE: Well, Bobby Jones is pretty classic with the look. Who was another one? Sam Snead I always liked. I liked seeing a lot of the old pictures of him. Just, yeah, it's just that general look, though. It's not after somebody specifically.

Q. Last fashion question, I promise. Is there a brand of tie?
RYAN MOORE: No, I find them randomly in stores. This one I found at Urban Outfitters on Tuesday.

Q. Not a tie question, I promise. Your takeaway, did it change after the wrist injury and do some people say it looks a little bit like Furyk's now?
RYAN MOORE: No, it's always looked like that. It's never really changed. For a while I had to kind of lift the club up in the air to start, but I'm back to my normal self now.

Q. Any Furyk comparisons or do you think it's different?
RYAN MOORE: It's -- I can understand how it kind of has that look to it, kind of looks like it has a few parts to it. But it's only because I don't break down, I just simply turn my shoulder. I don't set my hands early, so it looks like the club stays way outside for a really long time, but really it's just turning my shoulder behind it.

Q. Can you talk about tomorrow? You've got guys looking to win the tournament, guys looking to get in the top 5, guys looking to get in the top 30. This could be kind of a wild day tomorrow.
RYAN MOORE: Yeah. You know, for me, just like any golf tournament, I came here to win a golf tournament. That's what I'm here for. I'm not here to try and qualify for the TOUR Championship. I'm here to win the Western Open, and that's what I'm trying to do. All that other stuff takes care of itself. If you play good, you get in those things. I'm going to just focus on going and just trying to stay patient exactly how I have the last few days and play hard and see what happens.

Q. On that same topic, do you find it weird at all, basically during this whole FedExCup you've kind of got two tournaments going on at once, the one you're playing in and this whole overall FedEx thing. Obviously you're good at not thinking about the FedEx thing while you're playing, but talk about the dichotomy of two shows going on at the same time.
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, it's interesting. I think they've achieved what they were going for with this system. It makes it really interesting. It's all kind of up in the air. You can move so much that I could move myself up with a win up into the top few spots, which is crazy to me, because I didn't play too great the first two events. But that's how playoffs work. I mean, there's upsets, there's teams that don't play very good the first couple and then sweep the rest of the games, and there you go.
I think they've come up with a good points system and I think they're achieving what they were really going for.

Q. You won the Western Am, right?

Q. What do you remember from that?
RYAN MOORE: Well, I only played it one time, and it was that time I won, and I always wanted to play it. But I had to pick a pretty small schedule during the summer. I couldn't travel that much out of Seattle. I just couldn't afford to go play a bunch of tournaments. I finally kind of worked it into the schedule and saved up the money to go play it that year, and well, it worked out pretty nice for me. It was a great event, it really, really was. It was a long, long week, that's for sure, 72 holes of stroke play and then down to 16 of match play, and you're very tired at the end of it, very, very tired.

Q. When you were coming out of college, there was a tremendous amount of buzz about you. How do you feel -- what were your expectations when you first came out, and as you look back now, how real or unreal were they, and to you what's the journey been like as a pro?
RYAN MOORE: Well, I wanted to win. I won a lot at every level that I've ever played at, and that was -- that's always been my focus, just winning golf tournaments. It's great finishing second and third, fifth, whatever, but I don't really care. If I didn't win, it all kind of doesn't matter to me.
And I don't think it was unrealistic looking back at it, the way I was playing at the time turning pro, and then I had an injury that happened pretty much the very first tournament I played professionally and just kind of took a detour for a while. Just trying to get myself back to someone who's in contention more regularly and winning golf tournaments.
You know, I've done that job this week. I've got myself right where I want to be, and we'll see what I can do tomorrow.
JOHN BUSH: Let's go through the card. The birdie on No. 1?
RYAN MOORE: Yeah, I hit a really good driver there, had I think about 145, hit a 9-iron to about 10 feet maybe and just knocked her in.
4, good drive, had a wedge from I think about 128. I hit it in to about four feet.
7, I was really happy about that. The funny thing is on 7 I made a double there yesterday, and I just made a mess of it. But it's because I didn't -- I putted it from -- I was kind of in the fringe but on the back edge of the rough, and I should have hit a bellied wedge and I didn't and I putted it, and I putted it like eight feet by and then missed that one coming back. So I ended up in the exact same type of position today, in the fringe right around the edge of the rough, and I was like, all right, I'm going to bellied wedge it today, and I knocked it right in. I learned my lesson.
9 was driver, laid up to about 135, went back into the wind, hit a 9-iron to about eight feet.
10 was a 3-wood just chased through the right side of the fairway, ended up in the rough, and hit a really good lob wedge from 92 yards, just threw it straight up in the air, landed perfect, trickled up to about five or six feet.
Bogey on 13, good drive. I hit just not that great of a second shot there. Hit an 8-iron from about 150 back into the wind and I just tugged it ever so slightly and ended up down in that bunker and really had no chance.
15, hit a really good drive, had 4-iron in, came up a little bit short and left, hit just a really good chip, chipped it up to about eight feet and knocked it in.

Q. The injury, how far did that set you back?
RYAN MOORE: Oh, man. I mean, looking at it now, it's taken -- it took at least three years to feel somewhat normal standing over the golf ball again. And I would say I'm very sensitive as far as the touch and feel and whatnot, so I think it took me maybe a little bit longer than it might take most people.
But it's hard when it's the connection to the golf club. It was my left hand, and I have a very strong grip with my left hand, very left-hand, left-side-dominant golf swing. It was really hard when you're standing over every golf shot. I think Anthony is kind of struggling with the same thing. When it's your connection to the golf club and from the second you put your hand on the club it doesn't feel right, it's really hard to stand over it and pull the trigger and hit a shot confidently. It takes longer than you think it's going to, that's for sure.

Q. Just to follow up on that, I mean, how long do you think it's been since you felt that confidence again that you had when you were younger?
RYAN MOORE: Really the last year and a half, maybe two years, I've started feeling a lot closer. But then it's getting back the confidence side of it, too, because you've hit a lot of really bad golf shots for a long time, and you're standing over every golf shot, and you know what you're capable of, and you hit a shot, and you look up, and you think, I have no idea how it even went there. So it's getting all that stuff back out of your system and starting to see better golf shots more often, so on and so forth. It's not easy.
JOHN BUSH: Ryan, thanks for coming by. Play well tomorrow.

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