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September 11, 2010

Zach Johnson


ZACH JOHNSON: I really picked up a nice birdie on 15 that was probably not -- I put myself in a good position off the tee but terrible second shot.
All in all, I had some good opportunities today and that's all I can ask for, so I feel good about tomorrow.

Q. Did the rain change much in terms of the conditions out there?
ZACH JOHNSON: No, I think it's helped the greens. They were a little bit more receptive today relative to yesterday, and minimal winds, so they didn't dry out. And the fairways, which was kind of nice for me, they were still rolling, kind of bouncing, which is good for me. I kind of need that. I was able to get some scoot, get some more loft in my hand, and fortunately I was able to get some decent numbers.

Q. Stewart Cink said that this course on a scale of 1 to 10 is a -3, so that got out there. In past years this place has been in better shape and players have liked it more, and this year it's just tough --
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, it's just unfortunate. I'm from the Midwest, so I talked to a lot of my family, and this has been an extreme year, extreme cold in the winter and then extreme heat in the summer. Compound that with a little bit of rain the last few months or two months or whatever, and it doesn't help the golf courses around here at all.
As we've said all along, we're all playing it. It's not like anybody has an advantage. So in that regard there's nothing wrong with it. It's certainly not the best conditioned golf course we've played, but we're able to play it.

Q. Somebody said like 14 or 15 greens are pretty good and there's only two or three that are in pretty bad shape out there?
ZACH JOHNSON: I'd say that's a fair assessment. It's the ones that don't have -- that are kind of surrounded by trees that don't have a lot of air movement in there that are feeling the effects.

Q. Which might be the toughest out there right now?
ZACH JOHNSON: I'd say -- seems like it's 13 based on where they're putting the pins.

Q. 4 maybe?
ZACH JOHNSON: 3 and 4, yeah, those two, because they're kind of tucked back near the trees back in there, and the pin has not moved much on 3. It's been in one quadrant. But the rules staff is doing what they need to do, and we're still playing golf.

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