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September 11, 2010

Phil Mickelson


Q. In your position what do you want to get out of Sunday?
PHIL MICKELSON: I'd like to just get a low round. I've hit a lot of good shots this week and I just haven't gotten a good score out of it, and I'd like to just get a good round to give me some momentum.

Q. In terms of -- for you, obviously this course has not been kind to you over the years, so how do you stay motivated on a course like that where you haven't played as well as you would have liked to?
PHIL MICKELSON: It's a challenge, but I've just got some things that I'm working on, and it gives me one more round and an opportunity to work on some things, driving the ball a little bit better. I've been driving it a little bit better, still not hitting as many fairways as I need to here, but misses are better and iron play has been really good. So has the putter. So it hasn't been -- I don't see it as a negative. I'm hopefully going to get a good round going tomorrow.

Q. What has Stockton helped you with with your putting and what do you look for from Dave?
PHIL MICKELSON: We haven't worked too much on mechanics but just a way to approach putts, how to read it, how we're looking at it, maybe the hand to head, just kind of guiding the stroke as a basic fundamental, just little things like that. It's very similar to the way I've always putted as a kid, which is why it's been so easy for me to work with him.

Q. What would you say specifically he's taught you?
PHIL MICKELSON: We've probably touched on 10 or 15 little things that I've tried to implement in my whole putting process, but the simplicity of it actually, even though it sounds complicated, the simplicity of just taking the back of my hand to the target has helped me perform well. It was my only thought throughout the four days at Augusta when I won.

Q. What are your expectations for Ryder Cup? Can you compare the two teams?
PHIL MICKELSON: Well, we're going to have a real challenge because the European team is a very strong one with very highly ranked players as well as on their home territory. So we've got a tough thing going.
On the seven Ryder Cups I've been on in the past I have not won over in Europe. I would very much like to be a part of a winning team over there. We've got some good, young guys that I think will give us a big boost with their games. They're such good players. I think it'll be a good match.

Q. Would you say something about Martin Kaymer who won the PGA Championship?
PHIL MICKELSON: Yeah, Martin is a really nice guy. He lives in Scottsdale, he's a member at Whisper Rock. He's just very well liked.

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